Frequently Asked Questions

You're not open all year are you?
A: Yes, we are. Even though items aren't outside in the winter, we are still open 5 days a month year round.

Q: Why can't I buy this item in the yard now?
A: We spend several days before the sale bringing inventory for the yard setup (and maybe to tease you a bit...). But we want everyone to have the same chance to be able to buy it, which is why we don't have presales before 3pm on the Wednesday of our sales.

Q: The item I want isn't here today, but it was here yesterday. Where is it?
A: Because we are a very fast-paced sale, it is often better to buy it now so you don't lose out on that special item. We do, however, restock daily.

Q: Can you hold this item for me?
A: Except for Wednesdays, and Saturdays after 12, we generally 'hold' an item for you for 2 hours.

Q: Will this item be for sale next month?
A: Vendors may have a particular item in their booth for 2 months.

Q: I can't take that furniture today. When can I pick it up?
A: We appreciate you picking up your furniture as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday. And bring plenty of muscle with you as well!

Q: We get a discount on Sundays?
A: Yes, you do! Items will be discounted 10% unless they are already sale priced or are marked 'firm'.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover. We are no longer accepting checks.

         Please feel free to email or call with additional questions:
Picket Fence Gals 13075 Lake Boulevard (HWY 8) Lindstrom, MN  55045