The Pickerel Snow Cam is located in North East Langlade County. 
                                                   Our trails include the Tombstone Pickerel Club trails.
                                                                      The camera is owned and operated independently and not from the TPSC
                                       12/21/17: Due to this being a new camera, you may need to refresh the page so the new pictures load properly.

08/13/2018 @19:53: AWSC Summer 2018 Meeting Update: It was voted on to charge $1.50 (per transaction) convenience fee to every trail pass order that is completed online.
If you purchase one (1) trail pass the convenience fee will be $1.50, or if you purchase six (6) trail passes online at one time the convenience will be $1.50. 
This will also include rosters (which started last year) registrations for conventions and workshops. 

Check out  Trail Updates, and Sponsors.  Enjoy and Think Snow!!!
  • ATV’s are NOT allowed on TPSC located on Langlade County snowmobile trails until 10 days after the snowmobile trails have opened, and when the temperature is LESS than 28° F.   ATV's NOT ALLOWED IN FOREST COUNTY, EXCLUDING THE NST AND WRST
  • Be aware of where you are riding your ATV's, not all snowmobile trails allows passage of ATV's
  • Also, the Parrish Highlands and Augustyn  Springs ATV trails are closed to ATV's from Dec. 1, 2018 to May 1, 2019.
    Citations will be issued to anyone riding on closed trails.

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  • 2012-13 Trail Info. To Know Before You Go

    (Posted 10/11/12) Pickerel Creek Rd. Issue: After many meetings with the Town Of Ainsworth Officials and your Club Officers and Board Members the passage of using Pickerel Creek Rd. has been granted with NEW STIPULATIONS:
    1. There is a 25 MPH SPEED LIMIT
    2. Snowmobiles are to be in SINGLE FILE ONLY
    3. ALL Northbound will use the east side of the road and ALL Southbound traffic will use the west side of the road. (Just as if you were driving a car or truck.)
    4. Pickerel Creek Rd. will not be groomed.
    There is also a slight trail change through the woods getting on/off Pickerel Creek Rd. near Hwy T so you won't have to be on the road the entire time.


    (Posted 10/11/12) Due to a sale of land you can no longer get off/on the trail off of Pickerel Lake at Firelite Lodge. You will still be able to get to the Firelite Lodge by TRAIL ONLY and not via Pickerel Lake.


    (Posted 11/15/2011) Due to circumstances beyond the Tombstone Pickerel Sno
    Club's control, the trail that goes up to the Mole Lake Casino will DEAD-END at the Mole Lake BP Gas Station. This means you will NO LONGER be able to ride from Mole Lake to Hwy 8.

    Posted Dec 22, 2017, 1:14 PM by Jacquie Bailey
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