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Preserve, Restore, and Remember

Historic Hagood-Mauldin House

Welcome to the Pickens County Historical Society website. 
Return often for current events and project updates 
from the historic heart of the Upcountry.

"Together, we make history here..."

We are chartered for the purpose of perpetuating and disseminating the 
historical knowledge, artifacts, and heritage from pre-historic times to 
the present and protecting historically significant structures, places, and 
elements of Pickens County and South Carolina. Founded in 1958, the 
Pickens County Historical Society is an active, community-engaged 
organization of over eight hundred members.

Partnering with numerous other organizations and government agencies, 
we are involved in many projects that benefit the people and interests of 
our region. We encourage your interest, support, and membership.

2018 BOARD

Pickens County
Historical Society Board
meetings are at 1:00 PM in
the Pickens Village Library.
January 8 • February 5 • March 5 April 2 • May 7 • June 4 • July 2 August 6 • September 10
 October 1 • November 5
PCHS Board does not meet
in December.