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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
¿ What is PicGoto?
Picgoto is   hardware/software control project for   astronomical equatorial and alt-azimuth mounts  using cheap electronic parts  and  stepper motors.
It´s based on   inexpensive electronic circuit and  software ASCOM compatible so it can be used by most  astronomical software available for Windows.

¿ Do steppers run in microstep mode?
 Yes, 20 microstep/ 20 kHz PWM (not audible) for RA/Azimuth stepper .  20microsteps /4 kHz  PWM for declination / altitude in standard version . PicGoto++  versión both  motors  20microsteps/20Khz.
What is PicGoto + +?
 It´s a   project branch  from standard project .PicGoto++ has  two concurrent microcontrollers built-int  ,it Means  greater speed and smoothness on both axes. It can  drive a focuser and filter wheel or field derotator  . There are  no public  schemas or  PCB, but it can be built by connecting  two  PicGotos.
 A professionally  manufactured PCB  serie was ordered    for  PicGotoGroup´s members, There are some availalble PCBs.
¿Can I  use ifor my own projects (Foucault robotic tracking of satellites, table XYZ interferometer ...)?
Serial command protocol is available and source code in C + + and Delphi too .Those libraries  compile and run under Windows and Linux 
¿ How may people are using picgoto on their mounts?

I don´t know exactly but  I estimate about one  hundred or more  for standard version , I have built about 40 in Spain, in Brazil there are over 30, Australia 4, 2 at New Zealand, About dozen at Uruguay, a  in Argentina From Picgoto + + version in 2011 has distributed more than 150 PCB.

  Is there any kind of support ?
 The mailing list has about eight hundred suscribers from  the world (asking and answering questions in English, Spanish and Portuguese), and 150 to 300 messages per month.
  Can I  use it with astronomical software?
 Any that supports ASCOM, Cartes du ciel, Starry Night; GUIDE, THE SKY, Maxim DL PHGuide ...

 How much does it cost ?
Just  you spend at  your  local or online  electronic parts  supplier  (about 20 €) the standard to 35 €  Picgoto++
 The software is free and  is available for free download . There are several circuit designs made by me and other colleagues from PicGoto list which can be downloaded and make way home.

Do you sell already assembled?
 No, only do that to  my closest and analphatronics friends.
 How hard is it to complete?
 If you  successfully completed painted macaroni  mother´s portrait at  3rd grade, you will .Otherwise .
 You only need a laser printer or copier, printer glossy paper, iron, plastic saucepan, muriatic acid, hydrogen peroxide and a  dremmel or low-cost substitute for drilling.
 Is there some kind of kit for sale?
 I had a few boards without components (not many) made ​​professionally, is retail of request to instruct the members of the group PicGoto for version Picgoto + + double microcontroller, if interested in one send me an email, I do not last long and I'm not done more.
Does it work on Linux?
Yes under WINE here .

 Is source code available?
 PC server for versions equatorial ,alt-azimutal and  Picgoto++ ( ASCOM driver) Source code is available.
 Microcontroller Source it´s not  public. 
 Why do not you use Arduino?
....My english  it´s very poor to translate spanish the  joke about this question 
 I finished the circuit and does not work What do I do?
 Join PicGotoGRoup  if you did´nt  already, check messages and ask whtever  what you want, providing useful information about the fault,it´s  sure someone  had the same problem before.
 ¿Will my EQ5/CG5 and   factory  steppers reach  800X speed?

You can try 10000V overvoltage... Don´t expect  faster   than 40X with them.  You should  change both  gears  and steppers for hig slew speeds

 I got "installation error". What should I do?

You must  install ASCOM platform.

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