Short CV (full CV: PDF)

Professional appointments
  • Researcher (Permanent) (11/2011 - present)
    CNR-IOM, Trieste
  • Researcher (Fixed-term) (05/2009 - 11/2011)
    CNR-IOM, Trieste
  • Postdoc (12/2008-05/2009)
    SISSA, Trieste
  • Postdoc (11/2006-12/2008)
    School of Physics, University of Sydney
    Supervisor: Prof. C. Stampfl


  • Ph.D. in Chemistry (16/09/2006)
    Princeton University
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Car
    Thesis: Theoretical modeling of electronic transport in molecular devices (PDF)
  • Laurea (cum laude) in Materials Engineering (11/07/2001)
    University of Trieste
    Supervisor: Prof. A. De Vita
    Thesis: First-principles study of the diffusion of Co adatoms on the Ag(111) surface
  • Marie Curie Fellowship (2009-2013)
  • Hugh Stott Taylor Fellowship, awarded by Princeton University (2001-2005)
  • Graduate School Fellowship, awarded by Princeton University (2001-2006)
Research Grants
  • Young SISSA Scientists' Research Projects (2011-2012, 6,500 EUR)
  • Marie Curie IRG grant (FP7-PEOPLE-IRG2008, 2009-2013, 100,000 EUR), Water splitting catalysts for artificial photosynthesis
  • ARC Discovery Project (DP0984389, 2009-2011, AU$ 370,000), Catherine Stampfl (PI), Simone Piccinin, Matthias Scheffler, Arthur Freeman, First-Principles Engineering of Advanced Multicomponent Materials for Clean, Energy Efficient Thermoelectric and Catalytic Technologies
Computational Grants (as Principal Investigator)
  • ISCRA 2016/2017 (2.2 million CPU hours), Energy level alignment in p-type DSSCs: Modeling organic dye adsorption on NiO(100)
  • PRACE 2016/2017 (28.0 million CPU hours), Modelling proton-coupled electron transfers in water oxidation on hematite
  • ISCRA 2015/2016 Type C (200,000 CPU hours), Direct role of molecular oxygen in oxidation reactions
  • PRACE 2014/2015 (11.0 million CPU hours), Kinetic model of ethylene epoxidation on Ag surfaces
  • ISCRA 2014/2015 Type B (3.1 million CPU hours), First-principles assessment of CO2 activation over metal surfaces
  • ISCRA 2012/2013 Type B (4.6 million CPU hours),  First-principles investigation of supported Au clusters for heterogeneous catalysis 
  • PRACE 2012/2013 (12.0 million CPU hours), Engineering multi-core transition metal catalysts for solar fuel production 
  • PRACE 2011/2012 (4.8 million CPU hours), Multicenter cobalt-oxo cores for catalytic water oxidation
  • ISCRA 2011/2012 Type B (165,000 CPU hours), The Role of Sub-surface Oxygen in Ethylene Epoxidation on Ag-Cu alloys
  • PRACE Preparatory Access 2011 (50,000 CPU hours), Water splitting catalysts for artificial photosynthesis
  • DEISA/DECI 2010/2011 (1.5 million CPU hours), Water splitting catalysts for artificial photosynthesis