Picasa Webalbums Assistant

A cross platform assistant for Picasa Webalbums!


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Hello!  My name is Bradley Beach.  I am currently attending college to become a computer programmer.  I use Picasa Webalbums to share photo's with my family.  My dad (a mac user) was frustrated with having to click on each picture and save to disk to be able to download an album.  I wrote this little program in Java (5.5 or above) so he could download an entire album at once. I figured I might as well put it on the internet for everyone else who might find it useful.


  • Download public albums by UserID or by copying and pasting an invitation link (for private albums).
  • Thumbnail previews allow you to download only the photo's you want.


  • You must have Java 5 or later installed.
  • You must have an internet connection (I don't know why I need to say this).


  • All internet traffic from this program go's the same route as normal http traffic (port 80) so if that is blocked by a firewall then you will not be able to download photo's.
  • If you have questions, comments, or would like to request a feature add you can contact me at PicasaWebalbumsAssistant@gmail.com.
  • Have a great day!