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The geotag window in Picasa isn't working

Since March 2016, the integrated geotag panel in Picasa no longer worked on Windows computers.

Following these steps should solve the issue:
  1. Close Picasa3
  2. Click the following: Link
    1. Google Drive opens and you'll see what looks like an audio play button
      1. If you play the "audio" and see "Whoops! There was a problem playing this audio file" - click the blue Download button
      2. Or, at the top of the Drive window, click the Download icon (see screen shot below)
    2. Save the .reg file to your computer
    3. On your computer, double click the FixPicasaMap.reg file and click Run
      1. If the file saved as FixPicasaMap.reg.mp3  - remove the ending extension (.mp3)
    4. Approve of any warnings you see about changing the registry
  3. Start Picasa
  4. Geotagging in Picasa should work as normal
  5. You can delete the FixPicasaMap.reg file

Troubleshooting tips for when the above directions do not work: 
  1. Run all Windows updates including updates for Internet Explorer, then retry the steps above.
  2. Follow the steps above but run the script as Administrator because the script makes changes in a restricted location of the registry.
Explanation of how the above script works: 
Picasa uses an embedded Internet Explorer browser. The script forces Internet Explorer to run in "compatibility mode." Since an update in Picasa, the embedded browser in standard mode is no longer compatible with Google Maps (or visa versa).

If all the above tips and tricks didn't work for you, there is a free program called GeoSetter ( which you can use in conjunction with Picasa3. Use GeoSetter to geocode pictures on your computer. The metadata written by GeoSetter is completely compatible with Picasa. This program is provided free of charge, and has no ads or additional payware associated with it.

Make sure you download the beta version of GeoSetter, which is located here: geosetter_beta.exe rather than the non-beta version. Reason: a change in the API for Google maps broke the map display capability in the official last release of Geosetter (dating from Feb 2011). It is still under active development. The latest beta release is 3.4.51 beta (Released 2014-06-20).