How to get the final Picasa version

Google stopped supporting Picasa3 on March 15, 2016, and removed the installation file from the Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Help website. Read more about Picasa's "retirement"

The latest version for Windows computers is Picasa 3.9.141 Build 259 
The latest version for Mac computers is Version 3.9

See below for directions how to find the latest Picasa installation file for Windows and Mac.

If you have already downloaded the Picasa installation file, save the file to several different places such as external drives, flash drives (USB), CDs, Google Drive. You would use that file whenever you need to install or reinstall Picasa3 to another computer, to install after your computer was reformatted, or for any other reason you need to reinstall. 

For Windows users

Option 1: A contributor has made the final Picasa3 setup file for Windows available at OneDrive:!AuE8ZYzPkfMfiEzdlKtVVjN-MReT 

Option 2: Download the setup file from the Wayback Machine archive ( (click "show all" to see options for downloading).  Direct download for Windows:

Option 3: On July 23 2017, we were informed that the FileHippo link below no longer works (Error 404). Download Picasa 3.9.141 build 259 from: Filehippo: Click the big green button that says: "Download Latest Version (13.04MB)" Do not click any links under "Sponsored Listings" or "Advertisement" because they could be Adware! The file name of the download is picasa39-setup.exe

For Mac users
Download Picasa for Mac version 3.9 from:  Click the big green button that says: "Download Latest Version (45.04MB)" Do not click any links under "Sponsored Listings" or "Advertisement" because they could be Adware! The file name of the download is picasamac39.dmg

How to install the latest version

  • Check your version of Picasa by going to Help > About Picasa
  • In the "About Picasa" box under the Picasa logo is the version and build number
  • If your version is earlier than the final version 3.9.141 build 259, do the following:
    • Locate the latest version of Picasa .exe file (see section above) and run the installer over your previous version
      • You don't need to first uninstall your present Picasa version
      • The installation process will find the existing Picasa database and photos on your computer.
      • Your photos exist on your computer and will not be harmed or lost during an installation
  • If Picasa fails to install, then uninstall your present version, go to Tools > Options > General tab. Under Automatic Updates, change to "Don't check for updates" then click OK. Install the latest version of Picasa. 

For new users