Album Archive

Effective August 1, 2016, Picasa Web Albums were archived at Album Archive. The Album Archive location is The Album Archive can also be accessed from

Note: when you try to sign in to for the first time, you may be asked whether you want to use your account for Google Photos also. When you say YES you will be able to sign in with the same account to 

Albums you can see ONLY in the Album Archive and which DO NOT appear at Google Photos

  • Auto Backup  The Auto Backup album and it's sub-albums contain all the photos in the Google Photos photo collection (the timeline or photo stream). 
    The Auto Backup album and it's sub-albums are automatically generated by Google Photos as necessary to contain the photos uploaded to Google Photos. The sub-albums are generated and named by Date Taken of the photos as they are uploaded. (Example name: 2016/10/25 #3) Separate sub-albums are generated with #X suffixes as required by Google Photos.
    These automatically generated albums cannot be deleted in Album Archive, and at Google Photos only if empty. 
    When you create your own albums there may be duplicates between your albums and "Auto Backup". 
    (This Auto Backup album doesn't appear as an "album" at Google Photos; however, the Auto Backup photos do appear in your photos stream and possibly in albums in Google Photos.)
  • G+ Photos of you 
  • G+ Photos from posts  
  • Profile photos 
  • Photos from Blogger   (Deleting images from the "Photos from Blogger" album will remove the images from your blog)
  • Photos from Hangouts / two-user Hangout albums  
  • Photos from Drive  (Photos from Google Drive can also be seen in the Google Photos (GP) library if that option is activated in the GP settings, but will not appear in GP as an album.)
  • Scrapbook Photos 
  • Cover Images
  • Hangout video call images
  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Nickname Profile ?

Albums you can see in the Album Archive AND which also appear at Google Photos

  • Albums you created at Picasa Web Albums before its retirement
  • Albums created at Google Photos (New albums created after the retirement of Picasa Web Albums won't appear to anyone that has a link to your album archive; these albums can only be shared by using "Get link" in the Share options in Photos.)
  • Drop Box album (This is an old system album that was created automatically. Images in the Drop Box album are those that were uploaded to Google Groups and forums, and uploads using a special email address. The Drop Box album is not the same as It's not possible to change the visibility or delete the album.)

Albums you don't see in the Album Archive but do appear at Google Photos

  • Shared Albums created at Google Photos
    New Shared albums created in Google Photos as "Shared" won't appear in the Album Archive.
    New albums created as Private in Google Photos will appear in Album Archive even if they are later Shared.

Use the Album Archive to View, Delete, Download

  • View
    • When signed in to a Google account, the owner can see all his/her archived albums plus new albums added after Aug 1, 2016. (Albums created as "New shared album" at Google Photos via the 3-dot menu > "Add to shared album" > "New shared album" are not added to the archive)
    • Picasa Web Albums of the type "Limited, anyone with the link" with a URL that contains the User ID number of the owner are redirected to the Album Archive. These types of albums can be seen by anyone having the link and are also seen when not signed into a Google account. 
    • Picasa Web Albums (such as: with a URL that contains the name of the owner gives an error message: 404 NOT_FOUND Unable to process request. Replacing the owner's name with the owner's User ID number (the user's 21-number ID) should solve that issue. If the album was meanwhile deleted, there will be an error message: Sorry, that page was not found
    • When others open the general URL of your Album Archive (with your User ID number), they will see:
      • All your archived public albums plus new public albums created in Picasa3 using Tools > Batch upload
      • All your non-public albums they once viewed in Picasa Web Albums if they sign into the same Google account. Unfortunately, new albums you create at Google Photos are not included in the general URL of your archive. 
  • Delete (click 3 dot menu > "Delete album")
    Deleting albums in the 3-dot menu is only possible for albums created before the retirement of Picasa Web Albums. For albums that don't have a delete option in the 3-dot menu, go to Google Photos to delete the albums .

  • Download (click 3 dot menu > "Download album") 
To move photos to another album, share images, or change visibility of some albums from public to anyone with a link (or stop sharing), you must do that from Google Photos. Be sure to sign into the Google account that is storing your photos. 

About the User ID number at Album Archive

How to share links to your public and other albums using Album Archive

  • Link to Album Archive showing all your Public albums:
    • Go to Album Archive at 
    • If not signed in already, Sign In using your User Name and Password.
    • Copy the Web Address with User ID from the browser address bar
    • Email or publish this web link to anyone you want to be able to view your Public Albums collection.
      • Anyone with a copy of this link can view all your public albums, also newly added albums.
      • The link will also show albums of the type "Limited, anyone with the link" that were viewed in the past while being signed in to the same account.

  • Share a link to a single Album in the Album Archive: 
    • Go to Album Archive at 
    • If not logged on already, Log On using your User Name and Password.
    • Click on the Album you wish to share to open it.
    • Copy the Web Address with User ID from the browser address bar
      Example: [lots of numbers and letters]
    • Email or publish this web link to anyone you want to be able to view your Public Album.
      • When opening links such as these, the arrow in the upper left corner goes back to your archive URL
      • A much better way of sharing an Album is to use the Google Photos Sharing features.
      • Using this method you can share
        • All Public Albums, also new albums (see below for how to create new public albums)
        • Older Picasaweb albums of the type "Limited, anyone with the link" 
          New albums seem to give an Error 404. Check the link in a private (incognito) browser window before sending the link to people.
  • Share a link to a single JPEG image
    • Using the Chrome browser, install this extension Google Photos Direct Link 
    • Go to Album Archive and click an album then click an image
    • On the bottom middle will be a message, "Image URL copied to clipboard"
    • The URL will look something like this: of numbers and letters=w1000-no-tmp.jpg
    • This URL will not expire in 30 days because the URL is from the Album Archive rather than from Google Photos

How to create new public albums at Album Archive

Using Picasa 3 
The link between Picasa3 and Google cloud has been disabled by Google. The following does no longer work.

       with Google+ profile
  1. In Picasa3, click Tools > Batch Upload
  2. Choose action for selected folders and albums (Upload, Change options, Remove online)
  3. Choose Upload Options: Size, Visibility (select Public on the web), Sync
  4. From Picasa you cannot upload in "High Quality" but you can upload either 2048 pixels for free or in Original size (which counts against Google storage, but you can "Recover storage" later in
  5. Click OK (note that the "Storage" box will let you know whether your storage usage will change or not)
  6. For more info see this conversation in the Google Photos forum. 

       with non-Google+ profile

  • Visibility can be selected when uploading via the green upload button.

Two other methods

When you create a new album in Google Photos, it is "Private" by default. These third-party tools that use Picasa API may help to change the visibility of your albums. Use at your own risk! We do not guarantee they will work.

Method 1: Picasa Tool in Android 

Method 2: "Event Gallery" - a browser tool by Sven Bluege (As of 2/10/2017, this is available by subscription only, but may be free in the future). The following two updates were posted by Sven: 

Update 02/09/2017 Google has made its promisse true. It is not longer possible to change album properties through the API. That means you can't change any of the albums below. But there is hope! I found a way how you can even use protected albums in Event Gallery so there is no need to change anything. I'll keep you posted.

Update 02/10/2017 Got it! Event Gallery 3.7 will be able to use your Google Photos Albums regardless of the changes Google made to the Picasa API. More Information

      1. These directions no longer work as of 2/9/2017, but we'll leave them here in case Sven's free browser tool works again:
        Click the "Sign In" button then agree to grant access to your Google account (access includes: View your email address; View your basic profile info; Manage your photos and videos)
      2. You can later cancel the authorization by going to
      3. When signed in to Event Gallery, you'll see a table listing all your albums. 
      4. The "Rights" column shows the visibility rights of your albums
        1. Protected means "Only you" (Only visible to you) and can also mean "Limited" (Shared via link on Google Photos)
        2. Private means "Limited, anyone with the link" (Visible to anyone with the link)
        3. Public means "Public" (Visible to anyone)
      5. In the "Operations" column, to change visibility click either "Make Private," "Make Protected" or "Make Public"
      6. Other columns list your album Title, Link to the album at Album Archive, User ID,  Album ID, and Picasa Key