There are some limits that are used by Google Photos desktop uploader when uploading pictures or movies:
  • Minimum size for pictures to be uploaded: 
    • Desktop uploader: ~512 pixels
  • Maximum size for pictures to be uploaded:
    • 100 MegaPixels
    • 75 MB
  • Maximum size for videos to be uploaded:
    • In browser and on mobile:10 GB 
    • In desktop uploader: 2 GB
  • The supported file types are listed in the relevant Google Photos support page: Link
    • .tif and .bmp files aren't uploaded even though they are in the "supported" list.
    • For RAW images, if a preview jpg is embedded, only the embedded jpg will be shown in Google Photos, not the actual RAW data in full resolution. See link
    • Some RAW's are not (yet) supported. See under "Which kinds of files can I back up".
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