Picardy in the News

80-year Holiday Tradition on Display in Oakland
For almost 80 years, this unique East Oakland community has come together and put on a 5-block light show for the holidays unlike any in the Bay Area. — San Francisco Chronicle (Dec. 14, 2008)
If Walter W. Dixon visited Picardy Drive in East Oakland today, 80 years after designing it, he'd be a happy man. The "modest mansions" that he and his partner, builder R.C. Hillen, offered for sale remain just that. Half- timbered and bedecked with dovecotes, fake-thatch roofs, birdhouses and archways, the houses are all different inside, and their owners love them. — San Francisco Chronicle (Aug. 20, 2005)

The Story Behind the Lights Adorning Picardy Drive
No doubt you know about a little community in Oakland where neighbors stretch a metaphoric hand -- represented by a string of electric lights -- to their neighbors. It's Picardy Drive, with its 71 homes decked out for the holidays. — Oakland Parks and Recreation, courtesy Contra Costa Times (Dec. 21, 2004)

Night Lights/There's a Passion for Christmas on Oakland Picardy Drive
It wasn't the Christmas decorations on all the little gingerbread houses of Picardy Drive in East Oakland that inspired M.T. Silvia to make a documentary film. — San Francisco Chronicle (Dec. 22, 2002)

Show time at Oakland's Christmas Lane
On Picardy Drive, old traditions never die or even fade away. The folks here just change the light bulbs.