Picardo Farm P-Patch

Greetings Picardo Gardeners! Welcome to our interactive web space. You can enter your volunteer hours, find out who to contact for garden information, read or download your handbook, view photos, find good gardening information and more. Be sure to also check out our Facebook page and older Yahoo website.

Garden Location 8040 25th Ave. NE. Seattle, WA 

Garden History
This is the original p-patch in Seattle and sits on 2 and a quarter acres in NE Seattle. The land was once a bog, which was drained by the Picardo family in the 1920s and turned into rich farmland. The land was farmed until the 1960's along with the rest of the 12 acres the Picardo's were farming in the valley. In 1970 Darlyn Rundberg Del Boca brought together students and parents from Wedgwood Elementary, with permission from the Picardo family, to garden part of the farm, now not in use. The food grown was donated to Neighbors In Need, a precursor to the current food bank programs. Out of this initiative, in 1973, the P-Patch program in Seattle was born. See More

Volunteer Portal

Please enter your volunteer hours on the Volunteer Sign In Sheet above.
Each plot holder is required to put in 8 hours of volunteer time annually.
There are many ways to get hours in. Contact a site leader for more information. Hours volunteered at the P-Patch program office also count but only up to 4 of the required 8 hours.

Garden Happenings 2016

Site Council meetings the first Tuesday of each month,  in the Pavilion, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Late fall may be relocated too due to cold and dark evenings.  

See the Garden Calendar for more information and other events. 

Dancing with Joy for the Children's Garden