English spoken

Holistic Psychotherapy

Hi! My name is Suzanne Cordier, and I am a french-american, accredited Psychotherapist and Energetic Healer in Pibrac, ouest of Toulouse.

I practice corporal relaxation techniques, aura lecture, massages and essentiel oils, in the Essenien tradition.

I can help you reconnect with your vital energies, drop old paterns, and move on to get more freedom in your life and self accomplishment.

I use different technics to work on emotions, feelings, awareness and grounding energy.

I also develop a work on subtle energies, etheric, emotional and mental auras.

I receive in Pibrac, adults, couples, children and teen agers for short or long therapies

This work can help you to identify "thought forms" and exercice deprogramming these.

I can help you relax your stress, get out the thoughts and emotions that clutter you up. This allows you to become more aware of your emotions, feelings, and aspirations and get to know yourself better.

I also practice a work of harmonizing of your energies, by a massage of nadi points.

I also do different massages, which allows you to integrate and "digest" the stress that has been "fixed" in the tissues and stiffened in your body.

You can consult me ​​for any problems, lack of energy, fatigue, anxiety, depressive state, somatization, sleep disorders, sexuality, burn out, suffering at work, mourning ...