February 2009 YouTube Videos Featuring the Music of Astor Piazzolla

There were 383 videos related to the music of Astor Piazzolla posted on YouTube in February, 2009.  273 of these were videos of live performances.  The others were dance videos, ice skating videos or audio with photo or video montages.  For those who are interested enough to want to see some of the more interesting Piazzolla videos as they are posted, it is suggested that they subscribe to the Piazzolla on Video blog.

There were 52 different Piazzolla compositions represented in the performance videos.  By a large margin, the most popular composition was Libertango which was represented by 69 different performances - 25% of the total. The 10 most frequently performed compositions this month are shown below -  the numbers in parenthesis are the number of videos posted:
  1. Libertango (68)
  2. Adios Nonino (26)
  3. Oblivion (22)
  4. Invierno Porteño (12)
  5. Primavera Porteña (12)
  6. Verano Porteño (10)
  7. Balada para un loco (9)
  8. Histoire du Tango - Cafe 1930 (9)
  9. Otoño Porteño (7)
  10. La muerte del angel (6)
There is a table at the bottom of this page which provides links to all the Piazzolla videos posted this month.

There were a large variety of performance groups:
  • 52 Solos
  • 53 Duets
  • 32 Trios
  • 28 Quartets
  • 54 Quintets
  • 7 Sextets
  • 15 Medium Ensembles (7 to 12 musicians)
  • 33 Large Ensembles (More than 12 musicians)
I noted the style of each of the video as I watched them.  Although some performances are on a border between styles, I found 43% to be classical in style, 12% jazz, 19% pop and 26% nuevo tango.

The appeal of Piazzolla's music is truly global as I learned by monitoring the country of origin of the performance videos this month.  Videos were posted from 42 different countries but 10 countries accounted for 80% of the posted videos.  Those ten are listed below with the number of videos from each country noted in parenthesis:
  1. Argentina (41)
  2. Italy (32)
  3. Brazil (23)
  4. Russia (22)
  5. Spain (21)
  6. France (16)
  7. USA (16)
  8. Germany (10)
  9. Finland (6)
  10. South Korea (6)
I viewed and rated all the performances.  I rated performances primarily on performance skills and quality of interpretation - necessarily, very qualitative and personal judgements.  My ratings:
  • 63 Outstanding (5 on the YouTube scale)
  • 89 Very Good
  • 98 Good
  • 19 Fair
  • 5 Poor
There were 14 videos featuring Piazzolla in performance or in an interview.  Three of these, to my knowledge, have not been seen before on YouTube:

With the usual difficulty, I once again picked the best video and the most bizarre video of the month.  For the best video, I selected the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin's performance of a "classical" version of Libertango.  I find the arrangement exceptional and their performance flawless.  The choice for most bizarre was easy. Few videos can compete with a man in a small boat playing Oblivion on a trumpet and a hand-cranked pipe organ.

Best Video of the Month - February, 2009

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin: Libertango

Bizarre Video of the Month - February, 2009

Reinier Sijpkens: Oblivion

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