April 2009 YouTube Videos Featuring the Music of Astor Piazzolla

There were 490 videos of Piazzolla’s music posted on YouTube in the month of April, 2009 – down slightly from the 514 videos found in the previous month. 385 (79%) of the videos were performance videos featuring live performances. The others were videos which used Piazzolla’s music as a sound track for photo or video montages. For those who are interested enough to want to see some of the best Piazzolla videos as they are posted, it is suggested that they regularly view the Piazzolla on Video blog.

Forty-two percent of the performance videos were in the classical mode, 24% in nuevo tango, 22% in pop and 12% in jazz.

Here are the most frequently performed pieces this month (Libertango was the most frequently played; the others follow in order):

1. Libertango
2. Oblivion
3. Adios nonino
Verano Porteño
Histoire du Tango - Cafe 1930
Otoño Porteño
La muerte del angel
Invierno Porteño
Concierto for bandoneon and orchestra
Histoire du Tango - Nightclub 1960

The top three on this list seem to be fairly stable month-to-month but the others change every month.

There is a table at the bottom of this page which provides links to all the Piazzolla videos posted this month.

There were a large variety of performance groups:

  • 59 Solos
  • 84 Duets
  • 48 Trios
  • 38 Quartets
  • 34 Quintets
  • 9 Sextets
  • 35 Medium Ensembles (7 to 12 musicians)
  • 78 Large Ensembles (More than 12 musicians)

The performance videos came from 49 different countries.  As might be expected, Argentina posted the most videos: 83.  The top ten posting countries are listed in order here:

1. Argentina

2. Italy

3. France

4. USA

5. Russia

6. Spain

7. Germany

8. Ukraine

9. Netherlands

10. Romania

I viewed and rated all the performances.  I rated performances primarily on performance skills and quality of interpretation - necessarily, very qualitative and personal judgements.  My ratings:

  • 130 Outstanding (5 on the YouTube scale)
  • 121 Very Good
  • 101 Good
  • 31 Fair
  • 2 Poor
There were  7 videos posted which featured performances or interviews with Piazzolla.  Two of these have not been posted before on YouTube:

Quality of performance varied from excellent to bizarre. My favorite performance of the month was the Camerata Porteña's version of Escualo.  Although the instrumentation is a bit unusual, the sound is pure Nuevo Tango.

The choice for most bizarre this month was difficult.  I have chosen a video which is more unusual than bizarre.  It features a father/son duo playing saxophone and drums in a video titled Garden Piazzolla.  It makes me wonder if Astor Piazzolla ever sat in the garden with his bandoneon while his grandson, Pipi, played drums.

Best Video of the Month - April, 2009

Camerata Porteña

Most Bizarre Video of the Month - April, 2009

Garden Piazzolla

Full Listing of April, 2009 Videos

Piazzolla YouTube Videos April, 2009

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