PIA 2014

Welcome to the companion page of PIA 2014!

This site has been set up following the Joint Workshop on Personalized Information Access (held in conjunction with UMAP 2014), as a space where the workshop outcomes can be shared among participants and the greater research community.

The unique PIA workshop was a result of merging two workshops with overlapping topics - the First Workshop on Personalized Multilingual Information Access - PMIA 2014, and the First Workshop on Personalizing Search - From Search Engines to Exploratory Search Systems - PESE 2014:
  • The PMIA 2014 workshop was designed to share, discuss, and combine ideas for novel solutions that support users according to their particular language abilities, as well as other characteristics (e.g. culture, domain expertise) and contexts (e.g. intent, topic) that influence what and how information should be retrieved, composed, and presented.
  • The PESE 2014 workshop was designed to explore another subtopic of per-sonalized information access: addressing the challenges in user modeling when aiming to bring personalization to complex exploratory search tasks.
Please feel free to share any additional material!

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The PIA organizing committee

Ben Steichen, Tuukka Ruotsalo, Maristella Agosti, Giulio Jacucci, Séamus Lawless, Peter Brusilovsky, Vincent Wade, Samuel Kaski, Oswald Barral