Teresina is a pleasant, green tree-lined city. It is a friendly spot to re-charge your batteries and check your emails before heading off to the National Parks or Parnaiba Delta. There are few tourist sights, but a visit to the city can give you an insight into how ordinary Brazilians live their lives. Teresina is generally a degree or two hotter than neighbouring state capitals, but you are more likely to catch cold from air conditioning set too low than to boil in the heat. The heat is broken by frequent thunder storms. Teresina is one of the most lightning prone cities in the world.

If you are just passing through, take a stroll down Frei Serafim, the main street, to the
Igreja São Benedito (if it is open). Have a glass of fresh sugar cane juice, washed down with a pastel, in one of the small launchenettes, then walk across Praça Pedro II to the excellent Central de Artesanato to buy some traditional craftwork, before heading off to eat some meat or the excellent local crabs. Like Manaus in Amazonia, Teresina has its own "Meeting of the Waters", although the Parnaiba and Poti rivers are not on the same scale!

Foreign visitors are so rare that you should expect to get celebrity treatment. Unfortunately the official Teresina tourism website is only published in Portuguese.

Cruising around Teresina

Teresina was Brazil's first planned city, with streets in the centre on a grid, before anyone had even thought of building Brasilia. It is known as the Green City on account of the mango trees lining so many of the major streets. It is one of the safest state capitals in Brazil. The city is the economic hub of the state, accounting for 40% of GDP. The photo to the left is of Avenida Frei Serafim, Teresina's main street, at night.

The city tourism website (Portuguese only) is at: http://www.teresina.pi.gov.br:8080/semdec/default.asp and there is a (Portuguese language) PDF listing attractions and hotels here.

There are 360 degree views of some of the city's landmarks at http://geo.teresina.pi.gov.br/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=10&Itemid=46

Teresina Panorâmica (http://www.teresinapanoramica.com/) is an excellent photographic website with English-language information on the city and State.

Every June, Teresina hosts Brazil's national folklore festival (the Encontro Nacional de Folguedos) in the Park Potycabana. There is dance, music, culture and food from all over the country.

There is so much to see in the rest of the state that, unless you are there on business or need to see a doctor, there isn't too much to detain you in Teresina. If you are waiting for a connection for a couple of days, the city highlights are listed here. Agenda Cultural Teresina is a Portuguese-language blog that lists what's on Teresina.

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