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Guia 4 Rodas is Brazil's premier travel guide (only available in Portuguese, of course). Highly recommended if you are travelling around the country. 

PIEMTUR - the state tourist boad (Portuguese)

I will tuck their (Portuguese language, Italian subtitles) promotional video here. For some reason it has

Piaui Official Tourism Promotional Video

Piaui, Brazil discusses the State's economics and politics (English)

Governor of
Piauí's website (Portuguese)

Piauí HP cultural website (Portuguese)

Pousadas in
Piauí (Portuguese):

A blog about
Piauí (Portuguese)

Motels are better described as love hotels. They hire out rooms by the hour. I am told they are often cleaner and better appointed than real hotels. Two of them, Garden and Afrodite, advertise on the website of the state's newspaper of record.