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Burn Your Theory Books!!!

or fill them out completely and turn in for a "No Questions Asked Practice Pass" because you won't be needing them at piano lesson anymore! 

Yes, you heard me correctly!  I have noticed a great disconnect between the work done in theory books and repertoire.  The two are incredibly intertwined and must be understood as such in order to enjoy all that music education has to offer.  When I think back to being a young piano student, I realize that I never really grasped crucial, fundamental concepts until College.  I want to connect theory in a fun and memorable way to repertoire for my students. 

I have been researching, gathering resources, and planning so I can now safely say that theory books are a thing of the past in my studio!  We will do fun and challenging activities and use visual aids and manipulative items to explore music theory and learn fundamentals!  The fundamentals will be reinforced with group games at each group lesson.  Forgoing the theory books also allows me to get deeper into music theory; I can  carefully consider each student's curiosity on the subject and tailor the lesson accordingly.  I am extremely excited about this change and I hope the excitement spreads to each student!

click pictures to enlarge
Scale Blocks!  I got the idea for these from Natalie on the Music
Matters Blog:  http://musicmattersblog.com/
click "Teacher/Student Resources" and download the Scale Blocks PDF if you
would like to make your own scale blocks.

"Sticks & Puddles" staff

Rhythm Blocks help for understanding simple note durations and tricky
rhythmic patterns!

Chord Building with Magic Notes.

Flat Key-Signature Line-Up   (Major & minor)

Music Alphabet Scrabble anyone?

Flash-Keys are a fun way to study flash cards on the grand staff and
note location on the keyboard!

Learning about scales is fun!

Some of these are available as free downloads on this website!  Click Teacher/Student Resources!