Piano Lessons in Waverton
with Ms. Tivoli BA Mus and Perf.

Hello there, I'm an experienced piano teacher who currently gives piano lessons in Waverton, Sydney, Australia (Near North Sydney). If you or your child wants to learn how to play the piano then you've come to the right place!
You can easily learn how to play the piano even if you have no experience or think you don't have any 'musical talent'. I can make learning piano fun and easy for all ages.And I can teach you any style that you want!
I speciaIise in beginners and intermediate level students and am taking on more students right now. But be warned, the number of students I can teach are limited and spots are filling up very quickly!

So give me a call today on: 0425 207 806
or email me: pianolessonsinwaverton@gmail.com

My Musical Education and Experience

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music and Performance from the University of New England. I have been playing the piano for over 12 years in many styles such as: classical, jazz, contemporary, pop, hip hop, rock. I've had several years of teaching experience all over Sydney and besides piano, I'm a songwriter, composer, singer and guitarist. I also studied music on a piano scholarship and graduated from The McDonald College of Performing Arts - one of Australia's most prestigious performing arts schools.

What Will I Get From Your Piano Lessons?

  • Well, my lessons are catered to each individual student... so its up to YOU! Here is a list of topics/techinques that I can give you the opportunity to discover
    • How to Play Any Genre YOU Want to Play!- jazz, classical, pop, rock etc
    • How to Read Music- so that you can play music you love all by yourself with the sheet music.
    • How to Play Music By Ear - ever heard a song on the radio that you absolutely loved and wished you could play it yourself? I can teach you to do this!!
    • Music Theory - playing by ear is a great skill/talent to have but having a good understanding of the theory behind music will make you a more well rounded musician, will definately help playing the piano become easier and give you the language to communicate with other musicians!
    • How to Compose Music- Write music? Who me? Yes You!! With a little bit of guidence, a positive attitude and nurturing environment you too can create beautiful music.
    • How to Read Chord Charts  - This is an important skill if you want to play pop, rock, jazz - contemporary music, a lot of teachers don't bother teaching this and only teach how to read traditional sheet music but I can teach you this and I can make it loads of fun too! Its an extremely helpful skill to have when playing in musical bands.
    • Techniques On Improvising- Improvising is when you create music at the same time as you play it. Some say you can't teach this, but they don't know any better! What I do is give you the tools and good technique needed for the skill, the rest is up to your artist wants and desires.
    • Techincal Skills- These tools help your overall piano playing. Like an athlete has to train, build muscle and warm up a musician has to practice the fundamentals, condition and strengthen the fingers to play a certain way and correctly build up a great deal of co-ordination to help with playing songs/music.
    • Help For Academic Music Students and Music HSC Students- Studying music at school? Need help with assignments, exams, performances?? I would love to help you! Doesn't matter what year you're in, I've been there, done that and can help you improve your music marks!
    • And so much more!


    My classes are located on Carr St in Waverton (Off Bay Rd): 

    If you live or work in the following suburbs then you are very close to my studio: Waverton, North Sydney, Crows Nest, Linely Point, McMahons Point, Wollstonecraft, Artarmon, Kirribilli, Neutral Bay, Cammeray, St Leonards, Naremburn, Willoughby, Northbridge, Greenwich, Northwood, Gore Hill, Longueville, Lane Cove, Cremorne Point, Mosman, Spit Junction, Milsons Point.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Are They Private Lessons?Yes, the lessons are one on one, so you will receive my undivided attention!
    • How Long are the Lessons and How Often? Lessons are 30 mins to 1 Hour once a week which usually depends on the age/maturity level of the student.
    • When are you available to teach? Tues-Thursday from 1pm-8pm, but contact me to check availability, my schedule is filling up quite quickly!  
    • I don't have a Piano, can I still take Piano lessons and practice on a keyboard at home? Yes of course you can! Thats how alot of pianists started out including myself. A piano's a big investment, so see how you go with a keyboard first, its a great way to find out if studying the piano is for you without spending a huge amount of money yet.

      So give me a call today on: 0425 207 806
      or email me: pianolessonsinwaverton@gmail.com

      Here's What a Previous Student of Mine Has to Say...

    "Hi, I’m Oasika. I’ve been learning the piano with Ms. Tivoli for a couple of months now. She’s absolutely great. I’ve learnt a lot in a very short amount of time.

     I think the main reason for this is she explains everything very simply and makes sure we know why we are learning particular aspects of the piano and the outcome of learning it. She is also very friendly and patient, which I think is important in a teacher especially with young children. She also allows her students to feel comfortable and enjoy the lessons more. Enjoyment and fun pushes students to want to learn and thus learn faster. My lessons have been fun and definately worthwhile!"

    Oasika Faiz, (Student)
    Doonside, NSW Australia

    Lesson Fees:

    5 Weeks (30 Min Lesson Per Week)$200 plus $30 for your
    Piano Music Book & CDs
    5 Weeks (1 Hour Lesson Per Week)$400 plus $30 for your
    Piano Music Book & CDs

      All lesson fees for a term need to be paid in full before the term starts.

      Contact Details and Booking Lessons:

      If you would like more information or you want to book a time for your first lesson,
      you can contact me by phone or by email:

      So give me a call today on: 0425 207 806
      or email me: pianolessonsinwaverton@gmail.com