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A Piano in Every Room
by Rosamond van der Linde

An extraordinary piano teacher writes vividly about founding the famous Sonatina School of Piano in her home in Vermont, together with her pianist husband — while they raised their five children with love and music.

Noah Adams (All Things Considered, NPR) writes in the Foreword: "There is beauty at Vermont’s Sonatina School, and in these pages to follow. Also: love and joy and triumph, amid notes of sorrow, in the saga of the van der Linde family."

“The remarkable story of this present-day musical Von Trapp family is told with wit and heart by the family's ebullient and eternally young matriarch, Rosamond van der Linde.”
        — Daniel Epstein, concert pianist and teacher

 “Rosamond van der Linde co-founded a musical venture unlike any other, blending love of music, love of people, and a passionate commitment to education, artistic achievement and community service.“
    — John Wohlstetter, author and Sonata student

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