People in Action


The vision of People in Action (PIA) involves the creation of an alternative development agency that strives to ensure that communities are empowered to sustainably develop and maintain their own available resources and thus have the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced standard of living and improved livelihood. The holistic socio-economic development of communities will be fostered through stakeholder participation, assessment management and empowerment.

The focus of our agency is to formulate & research innovative, sustainable programs for the socio-economic development that respects our natural resources, human resources and cultural equity; We aim to aid in the creation of funding and stimulate the proactive empowerment of local communities for the overall development Grenada's interest. 

PIA believes that success of socio-economic development is based on the following:
  • The community's buy-in and ownership of development.
  • Collaboration of stakeholders; including private sector, communities, Government and support organizations.
  • The enlightenment and exploration of innovative, alternative, sustainable development concepts.
  • The effective use of ICT solution to affect community development as a knowledge sharing tool for marketing.
  • Planning, administration and enlightenment of governing policies & guidelines.
PIA is a volunteer agency that is driven by technocrat, academia and community stakeholders that invest time and effort in research and developing projects, programs, strategies as well as actively facilitate and educate communities in Grenada.