PIA Flights to Pakistan: The Benefits

Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA, refers to Pakistan’s national carrier. From being a novice airline back in the day, it has certainly come a very long way. PIA is not just commonplace in today’s day and age; they are also enjoyable and safe.

Pakistan came about in the year 1947 after getting divided from the bigger country that is India. Back then, Pakistan had two parts of it. The bigger part touched India’s western boundary where the capital of Islamabad can be found, while the second part touched India’s eastern boundary and later turned into Bangladesh in the year 1971.

Because India already had its very own airline (Air India) that came about in the year 1932, the Pakistani people suddenly felt a compelling need to actually have their very own airline, as well. Because of these pangs, Pakistan International Airlines or PIA came about.

Nowadays, the Pakistan International Airlines (or PIA) pilots fly to numerous regions like South Asia, the United States of America, India, South Asia, Canada, South East Asia, Ireland, Persia, Europe and the United Kingdom. They also happen to fly into cities that can be found inside Pakistan. PIA flights to Pakistan now constantly reach many more destinations on a regular basis.

If you plan on flying to faraway places like Europe and the United States of America, it would be necessary for the cabin crew and pilots to find accommodations within the cities of these countries. In general, PIA tends to prefer New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel in New York City and Paris’ Scribs Hotel, which PIA happens to own.

Pakistan International Airlines or PIA would be the only airline out there that can fly nonstop between Karachi and London. PIA flights to Pakistan can also be taken to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

Several PIA flights also exist that take tourists to a starting point for train rises within the Khyber Pass. More PIA flights to Pakistan exist that will fly any tourists to areas located to the North of Pakistan. Travel companies also exist, which charter Pakistan International Airlines aircrafts and operate flights that are especially planned according to certain requirements of particular traveling groups.

The Pakistan International Airlines cabin crew is renowned for their overall hospitality, such as those provided by other host Asian carriers. The served food is given in very generous portions; the non-vegetarian ones being the most delicious. However, alcohol cannot be served. The airhostesses are efficient, courteous, and polite and are always dressed in national costumes known as the salwar kameez. The flight security that operates into and out of Pakistan is now significantly tighter for every carrier, which Pakistan International Airlines itself has also gotten benefits from.

Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA, really strives for its slogan to fly with them, as they try to reward loyal customers with various points under a program of Frequent Flyers. Whenever customers gather enough points, they get entitled to free upgrades, tickets, and excess baggage.

Even Pakistan International Airlines’ cargo division has received accolades due to its overall dependability and efficiency. It comes with an efficient system of computerized tracking that will keep watch of your consignments until you reach your actual destination.

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