The origins of Pia|Dura's are in the mind. Pia mater and Dura mater are membranes covering our brain. As cerebral as the origins, Pia|Dura is creativity and innovation driven. 

At Pia|Dura, we converge creativity and application. We practice applied R&D that provides innovative product and process solutions in a variety of areas. 

Our employees at Pia|Dura are creative individuals armed with advanced degrees. Innovation and Creativity are our vocation and avocation. 

Try our services and we guarantee you your satisfaction.  

Product & Technology Innovation
Pia|Dura manages an intellectual property portfolio to provide you a variety of product and technology innovations.  


Business Process Reengineering
Let Pia|Dura deconstruct your business processes to make them efficient and effective. With enormous savings.

          Marketing Design
Our creative team has solid expertise in Design and Desktop Publishing. Experience the difference.