Welcome to Pia|Dura Nature Photography

Pratim Datta

Tamed by the lights and colours of the pinhole, I photograph the near and he distant across various stages of discovery. 

In his poem, Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, Wordsworth says that "nature never did betray the heart that loved her". That is my relationship to nature in all her forms and manifestations, encompassing open planes, human endeavours, and the wild beginnings and endings of nature. 

I believes that photography freeze, nature, time and being. It captures a frame of existence that flees before our eyes but gets lodged in our memory. 

A tenured professor, inventor and academic director by vocation, shooting through a digitsed pinhole is my avocation, both spiritual and metaphorical. My photos have been published by the Smithsonian magazine and displayed in New York and Maryland. I live in Hudson, Ohio, with Milton, my darling puppy.

Here, you will find a small sample of my photographs for your, hopefully enjoyable, perusal. 

If you wish to purchase photograph prints, please feel to contact me at ohiopiadura@gmail.com.