Just Another Raspberry Pi Project

Well, well, well...

...So, you've got your spanking new, extra small, ultra portable, quite cheap, completely naked, kind of mysterious, super geek-ish Raspberry Pi Model B. And now what?
If you're like me, in addition to the initial "small" investment you'll have to purchase a USB keyboard ($20), borrow a USB mouse, "steal" the HDMI connection from your DVD player and figure out a way to "plug-in" the INTERNET to this thing. Oh! I almost forgot, the SD card (I have found one, 8GB, for $10 at Best Buy) and the micro-USB cable (stolen from wife's cell phone charger). I will end up buying a micro-USB cable at Best Buy for $10 and a case on Amazon for $17.

At this point I am at $57 not counting the Raspberry Pi itself. In addition to this I am also tied to the corner next to the TV. Well, I decided to invest another $20 for two wi-fi dongles and get rid of 80% of cables and 100% of Input/Output replacing it with a remote connection from your PC, laptop or tablet. I'm using an iPad and I'll show you how... just bear with me.

Follow these simple steps and I'll show you how to go from this {picture 1} to this {picture 2}.

Picture 2