[  SITE ACQUIRED  FOR THE INSTITUTE.This site is rich in plant diversity . Highly fertile, with salubrious climate throughout the year and medicinal herbs in abundance.]
                    RESEARCH AND CURE.
                    A nonprofitable organization
                    for the welfare of mankind.
                                 TOGETHER WE CAN PROMOTE A DISEASE FREE WORLD.
                                       PRESIDENT.                 Dr.S.Venkataraman M.D.,Ph. D, [Pharmacology]                     
                                                                       Dr.V.Pandian.Ph,D,  [Biochemistry]
                                      Technical support.
                                                                        Er.Aarthy arunkumar.M.E.,
                                         COLLECTION,PROCESSING, QUALITY CONTROL,AND MARKETING.
                                                                        BABU SIVAPRAKASAM.babugayathri72@gmail.com
                        We are currently engaged in research on phytopharmaceuticals.If you are a microbiologist/organic chemist/botanist/pharmacologist/or a branch related to our  field  you can join our team or as a resource person or you can share your information through your link or you can build your own lab here[in the above site] and can contribute to humanity.
For scientifically processed herbs  send your email to damodaran48atgmail.com . For problems and solutions [for a Ph.D.] and those who like to avail guidance, related to this field can send their queries to damodaran48@gmail.com  . Your comments and suggestions are always welcome !