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Pr Abdelkrim CHERITI
Phytochemistry & Organic Synthesis Laboratory,  Algeria


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PhytoChem & BioSub Journal (PCBS Journal) is a peer-reviewed Open Access research journal published by Phytochemistry & Organic Synthesis Laboratory. The PCBS Journal publishes innovative research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, short communications and technical notes that contribute significantly to further the scientific knowledge related to the field of Phytochemistry & Bioactives Substances (Medicinal Plants, Ethnopharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry,  Natural products, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Drug Design, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice, Quality Assurance, Microbiology, Bioactivity and Biotechnology of Pharmaceutical Interest )

It is essential that manuscripts submitted to PCBS Journal are subject to rapid peer review and  are not previously published or under consideration for publication in another journal. Contributions in all areas at the interface of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine and Biology are welcomed.

Every peer-reviewed research article appearing in PCBS Journal will be published open access. This means that the article is universally and freely accessible via the internet in perpetuity, in an easily readable format immediately after publication.

Article Processing Charges (APC)

There is NO Article Processing Fee (APC) charged to authors and all articles published in PCBS Journal are open access and freely available online for the scientific community

PhytoChem & BioSub Journal

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