Wednesday lecture series

Department of Physics,  Presidency  University organizes weekly lectures by eminent scientists across the globe where they talk about  latest and cutting  edge  research and ideas. As a unique  academic event in the country, this sets the stage for interaction with researchers from a diverse background in Physics and even outside of it. The  lectures  are  supposed   to  be held  on  each  Wednesday  generally  in  the  afternoon  depending  on  the availability  of the  speakers.


Are the intergalactic magnetic fields (IGMF) primordial?


Prof. Ratna Koley

Presidency University, Kolkata

    Wednesday, 22 February, 2 p.m., PLT 2


Magnetic fields have been widely observed in the universe.  From  planets  and  stars,  all  the  way to galaxy clusters magnetic fields of considerable

strength and size have been repeatedly observed. Recent observational evidence also suggests that even the intergalactic medium in voids could host

a weak magnetic field. Despite of their widespread presence, however, the origin of cosmic magnetic fields is still a mystery. In this talk we would like

to  address  the  question  whether such fields are of  cosmological  origin? The idea of primordial  magnetogenesis is attractive because it makes the

large  scale  magnetic  fields  easier  to e xplain. Nevertheless,  this  idea  is not problem free, with a number of issues remaining open and matter of

debate. We will elaborate on the aspects of primordial magnetogenesis and discuss the advantages and shortcomings of this proposal.


A L L     A R E    W E L C O M E !