Wednesday lecture series

Department of Physics,  Presidency  University organizes weekly lectures by eminent scientists across the globe where they talk about  latest and cutting  edge  research and ideas. As a unique  academic event in the country, this sets the stage for interaction with researchers from a diverse background in Physics and even outside of it. The  lectures  are  supposed   to  be held  on  each  Wednesday  generally  in  the  afternoon  depending  on  the availability  of the  speakers.



How to trap solar energy?


Prof. Rabindranath Gayen

Presidency University, Kolkata

    Wednesday, 5 April, 2 p.m., PLT 2

One of the major challenges in the 21st century is to meet the ever-growing energy demands of the world in a sustainable and environment friendly

manner. Solar energy is the most reliable renewable resource on the planet that can be the ideal alternative to the conventional energy sources. In

fact, a very small fraction of the energy that reaches the earth's surface is sufficient to meet the global energy needs. How to capture, convert and

store this tremendous natural resource?

Solar cells or photovoltaic cells are the devices that convert the sunlight into electricity. Several disadvantages of crystalline Si wafer based devices

that rule the present solar cell market, has led a tremendous research efforts in the last few decades to fabricate highly efficient solar cells with a

modest cost. Thin film solar cells have been most promising till date in terms of efficiency. In this talk we are going to discuss the working principle of

thin film solar cells, the problems with the thin film solar cells and the idea of using nanomaterials to increase the power conversion efficiency. Also

there will be a brief overview on the present status of other ideas of trapping solar light like excitonic solar cells, plasmonic solar cells, quantum dot

solar cells etc.



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