Wednesday lecture series

Department of Physics, Presidency University organizes weekly lectures by eminent scientists across the globe where they talk about latest and cutting edge research and ideas. As a unique academic event in the country, this sets the stage for interaction with researchers from a diverse background in Physics and even outside of it. The lectures are supposed to be held on each Wednesday generally in the afternoon depending on the availability of the speakers.


238. Speaker: Dr. Bivas Rana, University of Poznan, Poland

Title: All electric field controlled spin-wave devices: An alternative of electronics

Date : 22. 9. 21

237. Speaker: Dr. Partha Mitra, IISER, Kolkata

Title: Spin Hall effect and the Challenge of measuring a voltage that does not exist

Date : 15. 9. 21

236. Speaker: Prof. Maitrayee Saha Sarkar, SINP

Title: Excitement and Challenges in Nuclear Physics

Date : 1. 9. 21

235. Speaker: Dr. Ankur Sensharma, Gour Banga University, West Bengal


Date : 25. 8. 21

234. Speaker: Prof. Mayukh Lahiri, Oklahoma State University

Title: Path Identity in Imaging and Quantum Information Science

Date : 28. 4. 21

233. The 3rd Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri Memorial Lecture

Speaker: Prof. Edward W. (Rocky) Kolb

University of Chicago

Date: 2. 4. 21


Chair: Prof. Pijushpani Bhattacharjee, SINP,Kolkata

232. National Webinar on Statistical Physics

Speaker: Professor Deepak Dhar, Emeritus Professor, IISER, Pune

Title: Chase escape percolation

Date: 2. 4. 21

Chair: Prof. Subhrangshu Sekhar Manna, SNBNCBS, Kolkata

231. Speaker: Prof. Subhendu Rajbanshi, Presidency University

Title: Symmetry and Nuclear structure

Date : 3. 3. 21

230. Speaker: Prof. Subra Ananthkrishnan, Pune University

Title: Radio Astronomy – a Window to study the Cosmos

Date : 23. 2. 21

229. International Webinar on Statistical Physics

Speaker: Prof. Robert M. Ziff,

University of Michigan, USA

Title: Chase escape percolation

Date: 19. 2. 21

228. Speaker: Prof. Sujit Manna, IIT Delhi

Title: Interfacial and Topological Superconductivity revealed by spin resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy

Date : 17. 2. 21

227. Speaker: Prof. Kanan Kumar Datta, Presidency University

Title: After the dark: the dawn of the universe and 21 cm signal

Date : 10. 2. 21

226. Speaker: Prof. Arunava Chakrabarti, Presidency University

Title: Disordered Quantum Prisons: Entrapment and escape

Date : 3. 2. 21

225. Speaker: Prof. Rudrajyoti Palit, TIFR

Title: New Frontiers in Nuclear Structure

Date : 27. 1. 21

224. Speaker: Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta, TIFR

Title: The Unravelling of Flavor Coherence

Date : 20. 1. 21

223. Speaker: Prof. Muktish Acharyya, Presidency University

Title: Nonequilibrium Response of Driven Ferromagnet

Date : 13. 1. 21