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Sulibhorn Cheewapanich, B.Sc, M.Sc. (Physiotherapy), RPT
Assistant Professor (Pediatric Physiotherapy),
Former Government officer, 
Department of Physical Therapy, 
Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences,
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
(Early Retired Oct, 2008, after 25.5 years experiences, 2008)   

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(My Nick name :    

NoY or Kruu NoY


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At present (Nov,2008-present)
- I took early retirement from full time government officer to become a Freelance Physiotherapist,
I am qualified in Paediatric Physiotherapy, and have held a Physical Therapy licence for 29 years.

- Currently, I am involved in the following:
a) Physiotherapist (Freelance) - Physiotherapist (ground and water)
b) Physiotherapist (Aquatic baby class, Applied Water aerobics, and Developed Water Exercise Program for Expectant Mothers)

c) Consultant for the Physiotherapy Unit
           c.1 Chiangmai Ram Hospital : Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist (Noeurological and Cardiopulmonary    Physiotherapy)
           c.2 Pediadric Nursing Developmental Center, Maharaj Nakornchiangmai Hospital. (6th floor of Sujinno building)

D) Special Lecturer and Clinical instructor:
    D.1 Maefahluang University: Paediatric Physiotherapy, 4th year student.
    D.2 Far Eastern University, Chiang Mai: Lecturer for the Art and Communication 4th year students (elective course of Health science)
    D.3 Huachaew University: Clinical instructor in Orthopedic physical therapy clinical practice, 4th year student.

Summary of Experiences
before 1976  Studied at Regina Coeli School student, Chiang Mai (Award: The Blue Ribbon Student : from KG2 to the ninth level)
1976-1979    Studied at Monfort College, Chiang Mai
1979-1983    Physiotherapy Student 16th Mahidol University, Completed Bachelor Degree (Physiotherapy), Thailand
1983-1996 Senior Physiotherapist (Maharajnakorn Chiangmai hospital for 3.5 yrs, Nakornphing hospital for 11 years (Award: An excellent and well organized government officer) and Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of associated Medical Sciences, Chiangmai University for 11 years)
1997-1999 Leave for continuing further education, completed Master's Degree (Physiotherapy) at Mahidol University, Thailand
continue to be the lecturer and clinical instructor progressed to be an Assistant Professor of Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences,Chiang Mai University
(11 years)

Some Certifications related to Aquatic Instructor
1986 - Physiotherapy licence, Thailand: (providing therapeutic physiotherapy for seniors, pre-aging, adolescence, children and infants)
2002 - Hydrotherapy: Badragaz Ring Method and Halliwick Methods 
2011 - Aquatic fitness instructor: Aqua Team
2012 - AUSTSWIM teacher candidate: 
       # Water safety 
          # Learn to swim for baby, tots and preschoolers
2014 - Accredited as a Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association 
         (ascta ID 33461)
         # Water safety 
         # Learn to swim for 4-16 year old

Noy, Accredited as a Australian Swimming Coaches 
& Teachers Association (ascta ID 33461)

Learn-to-swim through
 "Halliwick concept" & "ASCTA" lessons
    for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers
 and Individuals with special problems


(Hydrotherapy-Aquatic Physiotherapy in Physical problems: Musculoskeletal, Neurological,
Cardiovascular and Related problems)

Water Class for Expectant Mother 
After Birth Slim Control


Swimming stroke without stress
 for adult  


Learning Pool

1)The Centre of the Universe Private Pool

Salt water, sunbath swimming pool 

  2) Bronco, Kids Sport Club: 

                   Indoor, salt water, constant temperature 

                   swimming pool  

Pre-arranged class only

Feel free to call 

Krupayu cell number 


or write directly to me



Water exercise for Aging

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                                  "Special clinical instructor for Singapore Physiotherapy students 2009"


-Alumni : Regina Coeli School
-Alumni : Monfort College School
-Alumni : Mahidol University (Graduation and Post graduation)
-Physical Therapy Council, Thailand (Qualified Pediatric Physical Therapy)
-The Physical Therapy Association of Thailand (PTAT) 
which directly links to World congress physical therapy (WCPT) 

272-274 Changmoi road, Tumbon Changmoi, Ampur Muang, Chiangmai, 50300.   THAILAND