Physiotherapy & Lower Limb Stretching



1.Plantar Fascia Stretch

2. Knee Flexion/Ankle Dorsiflexion

3. Knee Flexion/Ankle Plantarflexion

4. Ankle Dorsiflexion/Soleus Stretch

5. Knee Extension Stretch

6. Calf Stretch

7. Hip Flexor/Quadriceps Stretch

8. Hip Flexor Stretch

9. Piriformis Stretch

10. Hip Internal Rotator/Adductor Stretch

Publisher's Note:

I am a 21 yr old male suffering from Spastic Deplegia Cerebral Palsy which is affecting my lower extremities, due to injury to a certain area of my brain. For those who have never came across this word, 'Cerebral palsy', it is a term used for a non-contagious neurological disorder that cause physical disability in human development, specifically the human movement and posture.

I had this incurable disorder at the time of birth and had affected my coordination and stability of my movements. I only started to be able to walk at the age of 2, compared to those normal kids who take only 12-16 months. From small I always had difficulty trying to balance myself even when I sit or stand. I fell down most often then not as I walked with a crouched gait, slight tip-toeing and flexed knees. All along I had lived my life refrained from vigorous exercises or sports, having only to watch from a distance, my friends playing football or basketball but not being able to participate in the activity. I always felt despondent and inferior until...

I went for a surgery (hamstring release) early this year followed by months of intensive physiotherapy and stretching exercises by the help of professional physiotherapists from my local medical institute. Thanks to all these, I had improved on my walking gait alot. I no longer tip-toe when I walk and those jerky movements had decreased drastically. Though I know I cannot achieved the full effect of walking like a normal person, I'm stil glad that I did improve alot and I can still lead a very normal lifestyle. 

Hereby, I had gathered all the information of the basic stretching exercises and how they are being done. These are taught by my personal physiotherapist and I had done research on books and internet as well. I hope this web site provides you with the necessary knowledge to help achieve your aims be it you are a cerebral palsy patient or just trying to recover from some physical injuries. 

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