IST Testimonials

Testimonials on ‘Is your yoga getting on your nerves?’
'Lesley distilled a huge complex topic into a useful and manageable presentation for yoga teachers in an engaging manner.'
'This was the most useful IST day I have been to'
'Excellent mind blowing day'.

'I was gripped the whole way through. Full of valuable information'

‘Very interesting, you make it so easy to understand’.

‘Really good to get hands on and to be able to take home and use in class what you have taught us today’.

‘The session exceeded my expectations. All of the course was explained in a manner that could be easily pieced together. I am now very aware of how much the nervous system plays a part in yoga’.

‘Where did the day go? Fantastic!’.
'It was easy enough to understand, not too clinical in vocabulary. I learnt a lot from this day and would encourage more people to go on this training'.
'I had a great day. Really informative. It has changed the way that I practice'.
'Delivered with enthusiasm and humour, a great and enlightening day'.
'An extremely helpful day on an area of little wisdom'.
'Thanks for the fascinating event you have delivered yesterday in Hull, I can't believe how much I learnt and how much your teaching is inspiring me to look more into anatomy and physiology in relations to yoga practice'
I’ve just returned from your enlightening, entertaining and mind blowing IST Training Day at the Endsleigh Centre in Hull!

Thanks for a really educational , participative and uplifting session, which I never would have thought would apply to a training day on anatomy and the nervous system!  It would be lovely if you could come back soon to teach us a yoga class in your particularly  ‘nerve- friendly’ style!

Testimonials on the Hip training

‘Your teaching style is brilliant. What a myth buster!’

Everything was relevant, practical and usable both for myself and for my students’.

‘It was wonderful to have definite answers to my questions, instead of groping around on my own’.
'This course was above and beyond my expectations. I often get a bit fuzzy headed on yoga days but not this time. Lots of information very clearly given'.
'The day was pitched just right, was fun and vibrantly executed.'
Testimonials on the Anatomy of Balance training
'A fantastic day. Time just flew by.  Lesley is the consummate professional'
'I was fearful of a 'balance' session but this has helped me so much and given me a good deal to think about and work on'.
'Inspiring, information and fun! Brill! More like this please!'
'You are an inspiration!'
'Brilliant session, if only I had know this 20 years ago!
'the day surpassed my expectations - really enjoyable, good FUN and INFORMATIVE!' 

It was really good to have training with a yoga teacher who is also a physio'.

'Nice balance (pardon the pun!) between the theory and the practice. Really helpful for yoga teachers'.

A very good session indeed. Good powerpoint presentation, interspersed with movement to reinforce learning. And the session encouraged good teacher/student interaction'.
'Thanks again for the ace 'Anatomy of Balance' day. It was really excellent.  Practical and intelligent content delivered in a clear and memorable way.  So your workshop was right up my street!'
'Great to be inspired by a tutor'
'Engaging, on!'
'Lesley is wonderful! Full of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, wisdom and compassion. Oh and very funny!'
'Fabulous day! So informative and presented in a very accessible and friendly way'.
'An excellent teacher. Would like to hear/see her weekly!'
'Lesley makes learning fun and her enthusiasm is infectious.' 
Testimonials on the Cervical and Thoracic Spine training
I came away from your workshop totally inspired. I wrote, and am now using a five week plan. The difference in students has been amazing: many were unaware of the three parts of the spine and how they were designed to move. I can now 'see' in their postures that their understanding has improved and developed.  A big thank you!
'Thank you for a really great day. It made me rethink so much about my teaching and also made me realise how little I understand about anatomy. You are an inspiration'.
'I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I have to say it flew by and it's not often you find yourself saying that about training days! Your knowledge and sense of humour made it more memorable, for a novice like me. I was grateful for the opportunity and the chance to learn more.'
You certainly gave us plenty to think about today. I loved your no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach'.
The workshop really brought my attention the extent of the impact our daily habits have on the spine and posture and greatly incseased my awareness my own posture and habits that affect it.

I absolutely loved the practical stuff we covered during the workshop and I have already incorporated some of the postures into my home practice and into my teaching

'Fantastic! Best workshop I have ever attended and really informative. Delivered at a great pace, honestly and confidently.'
'Always fun learning with you'.
'Oh Les, so informative my brain is hurting!'
'Using us as 'guinea pigs' is a brilliant way to learn'.