Q & A Testimonials

I regularly attend Lesley's Q&A Anatomy days. Although I had some very basic knowledge of anatomy through my BWY Diploma when I started teaching regular yoga classes and was faced with students arriving with all measures of anatomical problems I felt concerned. I was unsure how to help some of them, and indeed whether some of the practice might be making their problems worse. I have now attended Lesley's Anatomy days for a few years and my knowledge of the anatomy of the human body has increased immensely. I feel empowered as a teacher and much more confident to deal with all the different conditions that arrive in my classes. Besides all this, we always have great fun on the days and Lesley makes delicious flapjack!

JN, yoga teacher

I had the good fortune to discover Lesley’s teaching in 2006 and have been learning with her ever since. I attend weekly classes and also the ‘Question and Answer’ sessions that she runs for fellow teachers. The fact that Lesley is a physiotherapist as well as a yoga teacher inspires complete confidence that what she teaches is safe, effective and entirely appropriate to help remedy or avoid the physical problems of modern day life. Her classes and her teacher training sessions are informative, educational and also fun. She brings a great sense of humour to her sessions which I think we all value and enjoy.

Lesley is very dedicated to helping people learn how yoga can help them and she herself continually does further training to stay abreast of the latest thinking. It is evident that she puts a great deal of work into the Question and Answer sessions.

I have referred several of my students to Lesley for physiotherapy and they have been delighted by the help received.

Lesley does a great service to the yoga community and to her physiotherapy clients – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

SF, yoga teacher