From March 2020, I will be working from my basement studio. 
I offer morning appointments. 
Call me for an appointment on 07932 780098 or email me

The common complaints that I treat are: backs and necks, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, sciatica, arm pain, headaches, tennis elbows and so on.  I also treat sports injuries, such as knee and ankle ligaments sprains, and chronic muscle imbalances that result in pain, such as poor scapular stability around the shoulder.   Wherever possible, I will give a diagnosis and explain the nature of the problem and why it has occurred. 

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy offers many different tools and techniques to promote the healing response.  And as no two patients are the same, there are many ways to help. I generally use a combination of manual therapy, rehabilitative exercises which may be yoga based, core stability work to support the spine/joints, and often acupuncture to promote healing and reduce pain.  I always write exercises down for patients as this greatly increases the chance of them getting done! 

My work has been hugely influenced in the last few years by the inspirational work of Joanne Elphinston, who is a physiotherapist and international coach.  Through working with her, the way I look at patients has become much more holistic and focussed on movement dysfunctions. I now have a very healthy interest in your feet and how they may be impacting on your aches and pains.

99% of my clients come from word of mouth.  And treatment is available for everyone, not just the yoga bodies!

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