Amin's definitions: 

"Oldschool" - A game/object/thing/method/etc that is from
the old days, and brings feelings of nostalgia. Note
that if oldschool didn't have its problems, it would
probably be newschool.

"Newschool" - Antonym to oldschool, something very new and at the edge of technology/etc. Has both positive
and negative connotations.

Oldschool is a lot of things, at the moment I'll put down some of the most oldschool gaming music ever.



This is the background music from Diablo 1. Diablo 1 is a game published by Blizzard, one of the greatest gaming companies ever, both in quality of games, and quality of employment. Diablo 1 basically began the evolution of the modern computer RPG, with endproducts like World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs (games that incidentally I don't play).

This second file down here is the original recording, good quality, plus the Diablo 2 music (I think, I originally thought it was uncut from the first game) Anyway, it also has an accompanying text with info on the recording style.

Tristram Music Intro

Uncut Diablo Theme - Tristram





Another great game from Blizzard was Warcraft 2, another trendsetter, this time for the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre. Here are some of the best background tracks, only a few of the many good War2 tracks. Listening to oldschool Diablo and Warcraft 2 music gives any oldschool gamer goosebumps, as these are some of the best tracks ever, and also are linked to our personal memories of the game. The great music from these games is from an earlier era, where great effort was put into the music and artwork of the game, even beautifully written and drawn manuals were printed and given out in large game boxes. Now you get those tiny boxes with simple pdf manuals. It just lacks the aura and prestige of that earlier era. I remember the Warcraft 2 manual was particularly good artistically and storywise, and that James borrowed it many years ago and lost it somewhere in his house =P





Lords of the Realm 2 was the direct ancestory of the hugely succesfull and awesome Rome, Medieval and Shogun Total War games, even though they are made by 2 different companies. This is one of the background tracks any LOTR player will recognize from their time spent subduing serfs and sieging castles.

King of Dragons music and player (This player won't work on vista, you'll have to find another if you are running that)