[edit  - I made this graph many years ago while I was  waiting between classes. I still like all 3 bands]

. When people ask me what type of music I listen to, I respond all kinds, and specifically, usually one or two songs from each band. These three bands are a bit of an exception, and I'ld say are still my top ones, other than Jesse Cook's music which I got really into since last year.

Manau is a french band, sometimes rap stype, sometimes other style, that I've listened to since high school. I have to thank some French speaking friends that introduced me to them. They have some very powerful songs like La Tribu de Dana that I know all the words to but I still don't completely understand due to my poor French. Other good songs include La Confession, and Aisha.

More to come...

Oldschool Gaming Music

Moonlight Sonata