This will become a more detailed section, eventually. For now I'll list how I first met some of my friends mentioned on this website, in chronological order.  Greater details to follow.

Jazz (James the Second)

I've know him since I was three years old, which makes it interesting how he turned out to be James II. James is basically like part of our family, and we've had lots of good times through the years.

James the First

I met James during the fourth grade. We didn't really become great friends until the 6/7th grade, but we were friends since that first meeting. James and I have had some crazy times starting from then. We always made a great team.  I recall that we had a  "forest fort war" with about 5 or 6 of us against about 50 kids, including some 5th graders.  Sounds violent and in some ways it was - maybe that's why they don't let kids go into that school forest anymore. 

In the end, the horde absolutely destroyed our fort and decimated our group.  However, James and I would have our revenge. During a forest capture the flag game, we lurked way from our team and spent most of the game destroying their massive fort. We somehow blamed it on the game. Or something like that, it seemed like a brilliant master stroke at the time...


I first met in the 8th grade, in my social studies class. I think I borrowed a pen from him.  I didn't really see him again until the end of 9th grade awards, where he won basically every award. Ali had a lot of vision back then. During the summers while we idled away the days and enjoyed the nights, Ali was working or volunteering or involved in something during the days, while joining us at night. It would take us 3 or more years until we reached his level of maturity and balance between work and play. Not that we didn't have a lot of fun during those years...


I think I met Dave in Drama 9/10. I think we had another grade 9 course in common, probably science. I met him around the same time I met Rury; they already knew each other from elementary school. Dave and I made an awesome gaming team back then, beating tons of people at the various games in the age of empries series. Of course, we carry on this good teamwork in games, badminton, and other areas today.


 James the Third 

I met James through his girlfriend. This James quickly joined our circle of friends, and earned his rightful title as James the Third. I think James will never forget the night where he drove his car from his college residence to our residence to visit us and he spent about 45 minutes trying to find parking (it was a 10 minute walk between residences, if that). Then again, that ended up to be a crazy night, which among many things, included an amusing War2 "FFA" (a whole story in itself that will have to be shared in the War2 section)