Diablo 1


 Diablo 1 was oldschool! Warcraft 2 may be the first game James and I played multiplayer, but Diablo 1 was the first game we played multiplayer together against other people on the internet.


When you were rich in single player, you just tossed everything down in town as there were no chests or official storage spaces












Run Forest Run! 











Amin and James and our legit mage characters, very old screenshot since the characters are very low level.










Killing The Butcher ["ahhhhh, fresh meat!"] with the cheapass stairway trap trick














Found a unique item 









Hell has no fury like 20 succubi scorned. Funny and appropriate that while I was running away in "hell/hell" [hell difficulty level, hell dungeon level] I was muttering to myself "run like hell!"






 Not sure where I'm running too. Probably trying to split them up a bit.






MSN messenger had just come out then for the first time and barely challenged icq, but we used it since we had hotmail email addreses. It still had the annoying clicking/beeping sounds in your internal PC speaker when receiving an alert. Oldschool. 











Here's a chat from way back then (~10 years ago) with some Diablo terminology (lazarus run, hell/hell,  heh) and speak. Sylvarus has it right, Diablo 1 was a classic, and often more fun to play than D2. Or maybe it was that by the time Diablo 2 came along, there were better things out there (like Asheron's Call) and Diablo 2 was more of the same, with less cheating, and more lag.

tonto_belsabz> what happened there?
Tonto_Sylvarus> You mean with Diablo?
tonto_belsabz> yes
tonto_belsabz> the area was all cleaned out too
tonto_belsabz> I think someone tried to kill him but couldn't find him
Tonto_Sylvarus> I don't know, he somehow got wedged between that wall.
tonto_belsabz> or they teleported him into a wall witha  cheat spell
tonto_belsabz> remember that cheater with the weird spell?
Tonto_Sylvarus> Superfizz?
Tonto_Sylvarus> Oh the other guy.
tonto_belsabz> no
tonto_belsabz> the other guy
tonto_belsabz> before the newbie cam ein
Tonto_Sylvarus> Yeah, I know who you're talking about, but I've never known that hack spell to do that.
tonto_belsabz> ha it was my golem who found it
Tonto_Sylvarus> lol
tonto_belsabz> I was wondering why he was hitting a wall
tonto_belsabz> how did you "hit him"?
Tonto_Sylvarus> I got where the golem was, held shift, and started swinging at the wall.
tonto_belsabz> lol
Tonto_Sylvarus> I figured it would work.
tonto_belsabz> I have a screen of him dying from sorta in the wall
Tonto_Sylvarus> =)
tonto_belsabz> lololo
Tonto_Sylvarus> LOL
Tonto_Sylvarus> That's awesome.

tonto_belsabz> log on icq
tonto_belsabz> i want to send the screen
Tonto_Sylvarus> Recently, I haven't been on the forums much.  Diablo and Diablo 2 have taken up my interests, and my new job doesn't help matters.  I've been trying to get on the forums more.
tonto_belsabz> Why do you still play Diablo 1 when you have Diablo 2?
Tonto_Sylvarus> I don't know.....something draws me to D1 more than D2.  D2 is an awesome game, but sometimes I like to play the classics.

tonto_belsabz> Yes its a very good game, even now, except for the rampant cheating
Tonto_Sylvarus> On D2, you can play on Closed B.net, where there is absolutely no hacking whatsoever.  The only bad part is that you can't play your multiplayer character unless you play on Closed B.net.
tonto_belsabz> I'm getting Diablo 2 in a few weeks, maybe we'll play it then. It was fun tonight, I'll probably be playing tomorrow night, if you're on we can go Hell/hell Lazarus run
Tonto_Sylvarus> Sounds good.
tonto_belsabz> All right then, I'll be heading off. Cya
Tonto_Sylvarus> Cya!
(Exit)> Tonto_Sylvarus