About Me

2012 - NOTE: This is all out of date information and kept here strictly for archival purposes [older content has been archived on alternative server]



I play all racquet sports, my favorite ones being badminton and squash, which are probably the ones I'm most skilled at. I like to say while my friends may be just as devoted to the sport of squash, I'm the only one who has a secret book on it. I enjoy a game of racquetball or table tennis from time to time. And yes, I will submit to playing tennis, particularly on summer evenings, but I believe it to be a saturated and overrated sport. Although tennis deserves praise, it should be on more even terms with other racquet sports. I also play and referee soccer. 


 A list of terms and terminology that I use here and my daily speech.


Jamesian Dive - A sliding dive that often leaves the diver's feet under the net and on the other side of the court. It is the favourite dive of choice of James the First.

Aminian Dive - It is really a half roll rather than a dive, and allows a faster recovery than a Jamesian Dive. My usual dive of choice, although I also use the face first version of the Jamesian Dive.

River Dives - Our opponents would usually be surprised at how much water James and I could drink during a break, but it made sense, because after a best of 3 game, every inch of our side of the court would literally be covered in sweat and sometimes blood, because of all our diving around. This was a factor that sometimes affected the outcome of games, as we slipped sometimes, and also tried to switch courts by the 3rd game. River Dive is the general term encompassing Jamesian and Aminian Dives, as well as other types of dives.

[2012 comment - River Dives have become less common and effective with the current inferior (21 point) scoring system --  See why the scoring system sucks, under racquet sports. ]


"Unpatched" - Similar to oldschool, refers to playing
age of kings unpatched, the way it was meant to be played,
and the way many games or sports are meant to be played; with the original rules. Unpatched is now used as a synonym of oldschool to describe a variety of objects and events.

"Oldschool" - A game/object/thing/method/etc that is from
the old days, and brings feelings of nostalgia. Note
that if oldschool didn't have its problems, it would
probably be newschool.

"Newschool" - Antonym to oldschool, something very new
and at the edge of technology/etc. Has both positive
and negative connotations.


"Fair Enough" - Common neutral closer to a discussion,
adapted from David Ld's usual speech. Best used when responding to certain weird TP people.

"Interesting" - Very common non-judgemental response adapted
from Bryan C's usual speech. Works like "Fair Enough" but might stimulate further conversation.