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The World Community Grid Agent is quite simplistic and easy to navigate.

You will not have to start up the World Community Grid every time you restart you computer, it will automatically appear on your task bar. I am not sure how it works on a MAC... Sorry. I am assuming that it is very similar. If there are any inconsistencies. Please message me and I will make note of it on this page.

Notice the icon circled. If you have not noticed yet, you can click any of the images on this webpage to view the full size image.

If you don't see the icon, try clicking the arrow to show the hidden icons. If its still not there, go to your start menu and go to All Programs --> World Community Grid --> World Community Grid Agent . It should fire up and you should see the icon. If you double click the icon you will see the main interface:

As you can see, my computer is currently working on a task for the Muscular Dystrophy project. In the little box right below the project name is a description of the project. If you click the image and look at the full size one you will make out other details such as the status bar and my 'total points'. Each time you computer finishes a task, it gets a certain amount of points based on the size of the task. Some tasks take 3 hours, some take closer to 30. If I had to estimate I would say you get 1500 points per task. All points that you recieve go towards yourself and the team which you are on, they are not shared or anything. You get full points even if you are on a team.

Note that there are two 'total run time' boxes. One is for the task that your computer is currently working on, and one is a life-time run time kinda deal. Its the amount of time that your computer has been doing tasks for the World Community Grid.

If you click the 'Application button' as circled below, your interface should change to something similiar to the following:

This interface just looks cool. I think there is some sort of relevant information there, but I haven't looked into what it means. Maybe someone can message me if they find out. I am fairly sure that the molecule shown is relevant to the project but I am sorry, I can't explain it in full.

The next button to explore is the 'Preferences' button as circled below. You should see an interface that looks like this:

Remember that you can click the image to get the full view. Okay, the first thing we see on the top right is the "Run only as Screen Saver." This is good for people who really need peak performance from their computers. I have been running the World Community Grid for over 6 months now and have never noticed that it slows down my computer at all. But some computers may perform differently. When your screensaver comes on, the World Community Grid Agent will go to work and a customized screensaver will come up. You'll eventually see it, its hard to get a screenshot since once you press F12 the screensaver goes off, heh. If you are working on your computer the World Community Grid WILL NOT do any work and will not slow down your PC if you choose this option. I suggest that you experiment with it off first and see if you notice any slow down, if you do, maybe consider checking the "Run only as Screen Saver" box.

The snooze duration option works like this. If you notice next to the button you clicked to get to the 'Preferences' interface there is a little moon like button. If you click this button, the World Community Grid will stop working. So if you need peak performance from your computer for a while such as when you are playing a game or rendering a graphic or whatever you PF'er do, you can get uncompromised performance from your computer. The sleep duration field just changes how long the program goes to sleep when you use this button. I left it at 5 minutes as I never use it.

I don't think that I need to explain the proxy settings so lets skip that. If you click on "Modify Device Profile" a browser window should open up to a page that looks like this(You may have to log in):

Within this interface you can create a new profile/change your current device profile. If you click "Default" you wil see a page where you can customize when your computer will perform tasks. As you can see, there is a lot of customizability. It is also worth noting the "My Team" button on the left. If for some reason you forgot to sign up for the Physics Forums team when signing up you can do so if you press that button. You can also view members and how many points each of them have contributed to the team.

There are a few other links on that page, you should explore a bit and see what each of them do. Most of it is pretty self explanatory. You can access your account online at at any time. Simply log in with your username and password.

I think that should give you something to start with. The most important thing to note is that once you run World Community Grid, you don't have to do anything. Everything is automatic- as it should be, very convenient.