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FAQ Section

I have recieved a few questions about the World Community Grid project. I think it is a good idea to set up a FAQ page to answer common questions as well as questions I think may need to be answered.


Will this cost me any money?

No, signing up for the World Community Grid project is completely free.

Will this slow down my computer?

Well I can't answer this with 100% certainty. I can promise that I have noticed absolutely no slow down. On the other hand, you can choose to have the program run only when your screen saver turns on. So in that mode, it would only perform any work when you are not around and you would have uncompromised computer speed when you return. I cover how to turn on this mode in the 'Using the Program' section.

Will this install a virus or spyware on my PC?

No, it is supported and run by IBM which should indicate that it is legitimate. From my understanding the World Health Organization is also involved.

Whats the point of creating a team?

Well not only does it create a team atmosphere where all PF'ers who join the project will be working together to make advances that will benefit society, but it also has the ability to give physicsforums new publicity on the web. If we get a good team going, we could eventually be in the top point contributing teams list.

Do I have to do anything once I set up the program?

Absolutely not. Once you install the program as outlined on this website, everything is automatic. This is explained in detail in the 'Using the Program Section'.

I have another question!

Please message me on physicsforums.com, my username is Dontdisturbmycircles.