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Creating an Account

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Creating an account is easy. Let me show you how:

Firstly,  click this link: Sign up

It should open a new window that looks like this.


You may have to adjust the size of it so that you can follow along with this guide.

 The first bit is pretty self explanatory, simply fill in the 'member name' field with your desired name. You should probably use the same name that you use on PhysicsForums.

When you are about halfway down the first page, you will see a section named "Select a Team", click the "select" link.

 A new window should open up that looks like this:

In the "Keyword Search" bar type "Physics Forums" and press the 'search' button. Your search should be successful and you will see the following link:


Go ahead and press the select button.

You should then appear back at the main signup page and you are almost done. You should notice the area titled "Available Projects". If you have a preference for one project over another, feel free to pick and choose. I do suggest that you select two or more projects though because occasionally one of the projects will go offline and your computer will not be able to get more work to do from the server. I just selected the "Participate in All Projects
" check box.

Go ahead and agree to the 'End User Liscense Agreement' (read it if you really want to, weirdo) and press continue at the bottom right.

Now you are at the download page (or at least should be) It should look like this.

Its pretty self explanatory. Select whichever version best suits you. BOINC is an alternative program which was designed by a team based at the University of California, ignore it for now. Go ahead and press 'continue'

You should now be at the final page, the install page. If you are using Internet explorer you will probably have to click the bar up top, or you can just click 'If your download doesn't start, click here'. I have circled both options below.

You should install the program run it. You can check your email if you forget your username or something. Make sure you log into the grid with your username and password.


At this point you could just let the program run and you will never need to touch it again. It will perform tasks, once it is done a task, it will automatically communicate with the World Community Grid servers and get another task to work on. I highly suggest you read the "Using the Program" section of this website for some practical information regarding the program.