Skills & Extra Opportunities

Skills-Based Feedback:

Grading works differently in this course than other course. Your skills average is calculated from individual feedback (X, P, M, or MM) on many different skills that make up the content of the course. At any given moment, your skills average reflect the work you've done in class up until that point, but you can improve your skills average at any time by using the feedback on each skill to mastery the skill.

An M or MM for a skill means you've shown mastery, but a P means that you still have some work to do and an X means you need a lot of practice. If you have an X or a P in any skill, you can raise your grade for that skill to an M or MM by taking advantage of an Extra Opportunity. These opportunities are designed to allow you to show that you've learned from your mistakes and have now mastered the skills required to complete each task.

To take advantage of an Extra Opportunity, complete the following steps:

1) Practice & Discuss          2) Check & Reflect              3) Submit               4) Show Improvement

Step 1: Identify which Extra Opportunity you'd like to take, and work through the appropriate Extra Practice Sheet. Discuss the skills with another person, like a student, teacher, or peer tutor.

a) Look at the list below, and find the line that contains the skills where you'd like to show improvement.

b) Download the appropriate Extra Practice Sheet, and use it to master every skill where you've had trouble. You also might want to use this Extra Practice sheet as a "self-quiz" after practicing other problems. If these skills showed up on a quiz or test, look back to see where you had trouble.

HINT: Consult the online Consensus Notebook for helpful ideas on how to solve the Extra Practice problems. Pay special attention to the sections marked "CONNECT" in the Extra Practice sheet.

c) You are REQUIRED to speak with someone else about your work on the Extra Practice sheet. This can mean working collaboratively with a friend, checking in with a classmate to make sure that you've got the right idea, or meeting for extra help with your teacher or a peer tutor. It's up to you who you want to talk to, but you can't ONLY work alone. (If you prefer to work alone this step may be a brief check-in conversation, but it's still required!)

NOTE: When you submit the Extra Opportunity Form, you'll need to identify all skills where you have not yet earned an M.

Step 2: Check through the solution for the Extra Practice Sheet you've completed, and make sure the work you've done shows mastery on each skill. Reflect on what you've had trouble with in the past, and what you're still struggling through.

You need to make sure you understand every question on this practice sheet before you submit the form below. Otherwise, you won't be able to show that you've mastered these ideas when they come up on the Extra Opportunity.

a) Look through each skill carefully as you compare your work to the suggested solution. Check that your work is consistent with the solution, not that it's exactly the same. There are often many correct answers to a question, and your work might still be correct even if it doesn't match the skill exactly.

b) If you decide that your work isn't useful, make sure you know why it isn't useful, and change your work on the practice sheet so it's correct. Write down some notes in your Consensus Notebook about the mistakes you made, so that you can refer to these notes later while showing your mastery on the Extra Opportunity.

HINT: Even though it's not required at this step, if you have ANY questions about the suggested solution it's a good idea to talk with someone else. Remember, it doesn't do you any good to go into the Extra Opportunity without having mastered the skills!

1-1: Identify Variables & Graph Data - Suggested Solution

1-2: Analyze Data and Make Predictions - Suggested Solution

2-1: Represent Energy Transfer Using LOL Diagrams - Suggested Solution

2-2: Make Predictions Using Energy - Suggested Solution

3-1: Interpret Motion Maps, Calculate ∆x and vavg , Use Algebraic Reps About Constant Velocity -  Suggested Solution

3-2: Interpret a Velocity Graph, Use +/- to Express Direction, Check Multiple Representations - Suggested Solution

4-1: Force Diagrams, FEarth on Object, Using ∑F with Balanced Force - Suggested Solution

4-2: Force Diagrams, Force Pairs, Force Components, and Using ∑F Equations - Suggested Solution

5-1: Make Qualitative Motion Maps, Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graphs Suggested Solution

5-2: Use Newton's 2nd Law, Make Motion Maps & Force Diagrams for Unbalanced Force - Suggested Solution

5-3: Analyze Accelerated Motion - Suggested Solution

Step 3: Submit the Extra Opportunity Form.
Step 4: Wait to hear from your teacher to let you know your Extra Opportunity is ready, then show your improvement!

Once you've heard from your teacher that your Extra Opportunity is ready to take, you can take it at any time during study hall. Study hall meets during E Band, F Band, or extended break.

Make sure to bring a pencil, and your blue Consensus Notebook. You are allowed to use this Consensus Notebook, but you are NOT allowed to use any practice sheets, old quizzes, or any other materials during the Extra Opportunity.

Nice work, and congratulations!!!