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I've put together this classroom website to help you keep track of what's happening in our class. You will find the weekly schedule, important documents, PowerPoints from class, answer keys, and useful links.

Please remember that I am always here to help! If you have questions or need help with something, email me or come visit me before or after school!

- Com. Chris Hadfield -

Upcoming Dates to Remember

 ASTRONOMY  ISS & Constellations Quiz on Wednesday, February 27

 PHYSICS  Momentum and Energy Quiz on Wednesday, February 27

2017-18 Schedule

P1       Astronomy      Rm. 1116  

P2       Astronomy      Rm. 1116 

P3     Teacher Prep   Office (1410 H)

P4         Physics         Rm. 1115

P5         Physics         Rm. 1115

P6         Physics         Rm. 1115
Contact Information


Office Phone:    837-7766   

Office Number:  # 1410-H

Best way to reach me is via email. I usually check it every night until about 4p. I'm also at school at least 30 minutes before/after school. If you need extra time, please make sure you schedule it with me.