Argonne National Laboratory | Advanced Photon Source 
Atmospheric Optics - rays and shadows, water droplets, rainbows, software
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory | Lederman Science Center | Large Hadron Collider
Football analysis - "Crunch!, Oof!, Well, That's Physics"
Graduate school shopper | AIP "Graduate Programs" book (kept in room 120)

History - Center for the History of Physics
How Stuff Works | nuclear physics  |  particle physics | quark dance
Institute of Physics - an electronic journals service via Bristol, England
Magnitudes of physics | SI system | SI prefixes | fundamental physical constants | particle chart | periodic table

Nobel prize in physics in 1998
Fractional quantum Hall effect
Dr. Daniel C. Tsui
Augustana graduate - 1961
Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University
Book (in the Augustana library): "The Joy of the Search for Knowledge"
Scanning electron microscope room (Hanson 115) named in his honor
Daniel and Linda Tsui Scholarship at Augustana College
Honorary degree from Augustana - May, 2004 - photos

Nobel Prize in Physics - 2007 - For the discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance.  Recipients:  Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg.
Physics Central - clear explanations and illustrations, produced by the American Physical Society
Physics 2000 - an interactive journey through modern physics
Physics resources for students
Physics Web pages - a collection of some of the best physics Web pages
Physics World

Physlets - physics applets - Davidson
PhysLINK - resource tools for physicists and physics students
Programs on NOVA - "Origins", "The Elegant Universe (watch online)", "Wright Brothers", "Magnetic Storm"
Science experiments for kids - fun, cheap, and easy to make
String theory - explained at basic and advanced levels by physicist Patricia Schwarz
Tesla - Life and Legacy - 12 part story of the Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla | unit (1960)
True BASIC  |  Introduction
The Physics Teacher - selected articles from this journal are online