About Steve MORE
I am a PhD Candidate at the HighWire 
Doctoral Training Center @ Lancaster University.
Researching: Physical-Cyber Environments
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[P-C E]  refers to document "Physical-Cyber Environments"  2011
[M]        refers to document " Magic"   2011 


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Introduction  (a sort of poem - Dec 2010)
If there were no screens or portals to see virtual worlds beyond and through their Vail, would such  worlds exist or be just fantasies and dreams ?  The objects and environments of countless virtual worlds but vain imaginings set within digital netherworlds.  Having the means, the portals, to see such worlds and the creations they afford leave those who believe, seeing.  
To reach in to such worlds and grasp at their fabric, and to pull such fabric from that digital abode to the other-side a heresy.
To imbued some physical object with the personality of a digital entity or application. To give rise to the Ectodigital,, Transphantom objects devices and  environments. 

Where the boundaries between physical environments and digital infrastructures meet and blur arrives the notion of Physical-Cyber Environments with digital-ness.