This is the project homepage for the Physical Sciences Research-Teaching Linkages project, 

one of discipline-specific projects from the Scottish QAA's Enhancement Theme

“A meaningful science education involves transforming the way in which students think by promoting a progression from ’novice’ to ‘expert’ in both their attitudes and their approaches to the discipline and problem solving in that discipline. Today’s educator should aim not simply to produce more scientists, but to get all students to learn to think about science like a scientist.” 

(Carl Wieman, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2001)


This project is run jointly by the School of Physics and Astronomy at the Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews, from January 2007 for one year.

Our FINAL REPORT is now available 

on the QAA Enhancement Themes site

Case studies now available individually categorised

Project resources:

  •  Contact details for project team
  •  Details of Workshop 5th Dec 2007:  Abden House, Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh  


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