Date  Event  Venue  Type  Team Members
 2018-08-08 DSO Innofest DSO Plenary Speaker Alexander Ling
 2018-07-17 IMDA Quantum-Safe Communications  Workshop Suntec City Invited Talk and  Panellist Alexander Ling
 2018-03-10 NUS Open Day  UTown Exhibition Alexander Lohrmann, Aitor Villar, Robert Bedington and Tang Zhongkan
 2018-01-17     Apero Science The Co at Duxton Lecture Alexander Ling
 2018-01-09 QUEST School NTU Lecture Alexander Ling
 2017-09-19/21 GovWare 2017 Suntec City Exhibit James Grieve, Alexander Lohrmann, Soe Moe Thar,    Aitor Villar, Aswin Alexander and Alexander Ling
 2017-06-14 Generation-Q Camp CQT Lecture & Exhibit Alexander Ling 
 2017-03-17 Introduction to Quantum Technologies -  IPOS CQT Seminar & Exhibit Alexander Ling 
 2017-03-02 Continental Singapore R&D Seminar Series Continental Singapore Invited Talk Alexander Ling
 2017-02-14 EmTech Asia Marina Bay Sands  Convention Invited Talk Alexander Ling 
 2016-08-26 NUS-Singtel Cybersecurity Research Lab  Launch NAK Auditorium, UTown Exhibit James Grieve, Poh Hou Shoun, Christian Kurtsiefer  and Alexander  Ling
 2016-10-08  World Space Week IDA Labs Invited Talk Aitor Villar 
 2016-10-07  World Space Week  NUS LT7a, NUS  Invited Talk  Tanvirul Islam
 2016-09-24  Singapore Space Challenge Awards 2016  Hotel Intercontinental  Exhibit  Robert Bedington, Aitor Villar and Tang Zong Sheng 
 2016-08-05/06 One-North Festival 2016 Fusionopolis Exhibit Robert Bedington, Tanvirul Islam, Jenny Hogan and  collaborators
 2016-08-05 One-North Festival 2016 Fusionopolis Invited Talk Robert Bedington
 2016-08-13 NUS Board of Trustees Annual Retreat University Hall, NUS Invited Talk Alexander Ling
 2016-07-27  EuroScience Open Forum 2016 Manchester Central, UK Panel Discussion Alexander Ling 
 2016-07-19 Demo to visiting TU Delft students  CQT  Exhibit and Talk  Tang Zhongkan and Rakhitha Chanrasekara 
 2016-06-24 Singapore Space Challenge Kickoff  Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel  Invited Talk  Robert Bedington 
 2016-06-03 Featured interview in Nature Jobs for NUS    Written feature Alexander Ling 
 2016-05-18 Future of FinTech  Marina Bay Sands  Panel Discussion  Alexander Ling 
 2016-04-23 Visit of NUS Board of Trustees CQT  Exhibit  Tang Zhongkan, Rakhitha  Chandrasekara Kadir  Durak and Alexander Ling
 2016-03-15 Practical Quantum Technologies - ST  Electronics CQT Workshop Alexander Ling, James Grieve & Christian Kurtsiefer
 2016-01-06 Filming for "Invented in Singapore" CQT  Filming  James Grieve, Ng Kian Fong and Alexander Ling 
 2015 Filming for CQT series "Talking QKD"  CQT  Filming  Alexander Ling
 2015 Quantum Dot Dot Dot  ArtScience Museum  Exhibit  Kadir Durak, Brigitta Septriani, Robert Bedington  and Alexander Ling 
 2015 Dutch Embassy and TU Delft visit  CQT  Host  Alexander Ling 
 2015 NUS and CQT Open House  NUS & CQT  Exhibit and Talk  Alexander Ling and Brigitta Septriani 
 2015 Discussions with Otto Fong, CQT's
 CQT  Discussions  Alexander Ling 
 2015 NUS Science & Technology 110  UCC  Exhibit  Tang Zhongkan and Jenny Hogan 
 2015 Generation-Q Camp  CQT  Exhibit and Talk  Alexander Ling 
 2014 AStar Talent Search Award                  Singapore Science  Centre  Panel Judge  Alexander Ling 
 2014  NRF Board Industry Members  CQT  Host  Alexander Ling 
 2014 Movie viewing for schools  Singapore Science  Centre  Panel Discussion  Yau Yong Sean 
 2014  Physics Department Visiting Committee  CQT  Talk and host  Alexander Ling 
 2013 AStar Talent Search Award  Singapore Science  Centre  Panel Judge  Alexander Ling 
 2013  Singapore Space Academy  CQT  Host and talk  Tang Zhongkan, Rakhitha Chandrasekara and  Alexander Ling 
 2013 Singapore Space Apps Challenge  Microsoft HQ  Invited Talk  Alexander Ling 
 2013 X!periment 13  Some shopping mall  Exhibit  Alexander Ling and team 
 2012  Singapore Space Academy  CQT  Exhibit and talk            Alexander Ling, Tang Zhongkan and Rakhitha  Chandrasekara 
 2012  Public demonstration of quantum  technology on high-altitude balloons  Konstanz, Germany  Exhibit  Alexander Ling, Tan Yue Chuan and Collaborators 
 2012 Lindau Nobel Laureate's Meeting Lindau, Germany   Invited Talk  Alexander Ling 
 2012 Institute of Physics Singapore          Singapore  Co-organizer  Alexander Ling 
 2012  EU and ASEAN Science Journalists  CQT  Host  Alexander Ling 
 2012 AAAS Meeting  Vancouver, Canada  Exhibit  Will Morong, Tan Yue Chuan and Jenny Hogan