Physics 121 (now renamed 122) - Experimental Techniques

Tu/Th 9:30 am -1 pm in Mayer Hall Annex 3544 (and adjacent lab room)
Prof. Doug Smith, email:

This is a practical hands-on lab course focused mostly on computer programming for data acquisition and data analysis (using Labview and Matlab), computer interfacing of electronic sensors & actuators, and mechanical design

Youbin Mo (
Mounir Fizari (

- Grading will be based on completion of assigned lab exercises and homework. 
- In many cases exercises will be checked off in person by the instructor and/or TAs
- You will also submit a lab report including additional results and answers to questions
- There is a template (Word document) for each lab report that you will enter text and figures into
- Some questions at the end of each lab report are "prelab" questions for the next lab