About Us

       We are the PhuYen Fellowship Association of Northern California (NORCAL PYFA).

       We are a non-profit organization, and officially represents our members, who have the same stance of the Vietnamese refugees and exiled community.

       Our official members are PhuYenese and anyone who is related to, interested with (in) or pertaining to PhuYenese and/or the PhuYenese culture, currently living in
    Northern California, USA; and those who fully register to voluntarily participate in the NORCAL PYFA’s activities.

       We also have at-large members who are similar to official members, but are not living in
    Northern California, and do not belong to NORCAL PYFA’s Electorate. These folks may be invited to the general assemblies to offer their inputs and feedback if/when needed. 

       The purpose of the PhuYen Fellowship Association of Northern California (NORCAL PYFA) is to provide a friendly, stimulating, and community-centered environment where all can socialize and grow in a relationship with fellow countrymen.

         - We are committed to expanding the compatriotic affection and friendship among the oversea Vietnamese.

         - We are committed to preserving, expanding and promoting Vietnamese traditional culture.

         - We are also committed to preserving and expanding PhuYenese tradition and culture.

         - Finally, we are committed to associating, assisting, and collaborating to organize positive activities for our Members and local Vietnamese communities.