Western Sydney Wanderers cake

A recipe from www.phuocndelicious.com

To assemble a 12-inch square Wanderers cake you'll need:

Recipe here

Serves approximately 100


Two layers of red velvet cake (for each layer, double the recipe above)

Two layers of black velvet cake (for each layer, double the recipe above but replace the red food colouring with black food colouring)

Cream cheese frosting (quadruple the recipe above)

2kg white fondant (you won't need all of it but this amount is required to cover a 12-inch square cake with a height of 4-inches)

250g red fondant (preferably pre-coloured)

250g black fondant (preferably pre-coloured)

Some vegetable shortening

14 inch cake board

WSW logo printed on paper and cut out


  1. Bake all 4 layers of cake and cool.
  2. Lay one layer of the cake on the cake board and pile 1/4 of the cream cheese frosting on top.
  3. Repeat with other 2 layers.
  4. Place last layer on top and cover sides and top with remaining frosting.
  5. Leave in fridge overnight to harden slightly.
  6. Knead fondant briefly on a surface dusted with icing sugar to make the fondant pliable.
  7. Roll out white fondant, to a thickness of about 3mm and size that would cover the cake and sides sufficiently.
  8. Cover cake and set aside.
  9. Roll out black fondant to a thickness of 2mm and cut out outer circle of logo.
  10. Place circle on sheet of baking paper and rub over shortening to remove white icing sugar spots.
  11. Cut out black portion of printed logo.
  12. Roll out white fondant to a thickness of 2mm and cut out next circle of logo. Stick the white circle on top of the black circle with some water brushed on one side of the fondant.
  13. Cut out the white portion of the printed logo and the "WSW" and "FC" letters (and "WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS" if you are daring and crazy to attempt cutting it out of fondant).
  14. Roll out red fondant to a thickness of 2mm and cut out the last circle and letters. Carefully transfer on top of white circle.
  15. Transfer logo onto cake. Enjoy!